“This is the worst possible time that you want to miss matches…”: Sanjay Manjrekar On Shubman Gill Shubman Gill’s Absence

The Men in Blue have kicked off their ICC World Cup 2023 campaign with a bang, securing a resounding victory against Australia in a thrilling match last Sunday. Riding high on their impressive win in the World Cup opener, the Indian cricket team is charged up and eagerly anticipating their next showdown against Afghanistan. However, amid the excitement, a cloud of concern looms over the absence of the talented opener, Shubman Gill, who is battling dengue.

India’s opening game in the World Cup was a thriller that showcased their exceptional form. The team’s dominant performance against the Australians left cricket enthusiasts ecstatic. In the lead-up to the World Cup, India received an unwelcome setback when Shubman Gill was diagnosed with dengue fever. 

Former India cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar weighed in on Gill’s absence, offering a unique perspective. Manjrekar believes that Gill’s non-availability is a significant personal setback for the young opener. He highlighted the disappointment Gill might be feeling, knowing that he is missing out on such a prestigious tournament due to a health issue that was beyond his control.

However, Manjrekar also expressed confidence in the strength and depth of the Indian cricket team. He emphasized that, although Shubman Gill’s absence is unfortunate on a personal level, the Indian team remains well-equipped to tackle the challenges that lie ahead in the World Cup. The team’s performance in the first match against Australia, where they overcame the mighty Aussies, was a testament to their prowess.

Manjrekar explained, “Disappointing for him personally more than the team because the team has enough options to continue to be strong, and we saw that in the first game as well. The team is strong and good enough to beat all the opposition despite Shubman Gill not being there. Having said that, Shubman Gill just makes the team even stronger and the kind of form that he has been in, you want to cash in. This is the worst possible time that you want to miss matches, and it’s been beyond his control.”

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As India looks to press forward without Gill, they’ve chosen to persist with wicketkeeper-batsman Ishan Kishan as an opener. However, the move did not pan out as expected, as Kishan was dismissed early in the match, scoring a golden duck. This twist in the tale raises questions about the team’s strategy and their adaptability to changing circumstances.

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