Sarfaraz Should Never Play For India: BCCI Official

The provided information suggests that there are multiple factors contributing to Sarfaraz Khan’s exclusion from the Indian Test squad and his chances of earning a call-up in the near future. According to a BCCI official, Sarfaraz’s struggles against fast bowlers in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Abhimanyu Easwaran’s lack of runs influenced the decision. It is mentioned that it’s not just about the number of runs scored but also how they are scored.

Additionally, another BCCI official revealed that fitness is a major concern with Sarfaraz. While he has scored over 900 runs in successive seasons, his fitness reportedly falls short of international standards. This suggests that his physical condition is a significant factor in his exclusion.

Furthermore, off-field conduct is mentioned as another factor playing a role in Sarfaraz’s exclusion from the Indian Test squad. The specific details about his off-field conduct are not provided, but it suggests that his behavior or attitude might be affecting his chances.

The officials cited in the report also highlight that Sarfaraz is lower in the pecking order compared to players like Yashasvi Jaiswal, Ruturaj Gaikwad, and even Suryakumar Yadav, who have higher chances of being selected for the Test squad. It is mentioned that the opening spot is already occupied, Ajinkya Rahane holds the No. 5 position in the middle order, and Gaikwad serves as a reserve middle-order batsman who can provide backup.

Overall, based on the information provided, it seems that Sarfaraz Khan’s exclusion from the Indian Test squad is influenced by a combination of factors, including struggles against fast bowlers, fitness concerns, off-field conduct, and the presence of other players higher in the pecking order for the available positions.

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  1. Both Sarfaraz and his younger brother are goons.
    He is a good player but not great.
    But results count.
    He should be given a chance. He is bound to fail. Its not possible to survive in international cricket with a known weakness against fast bowling.

  2. Pls no excuses bcci….hold on many player of current indian team have not score half of his running now u people telling he is not fit how he scored so many runs then?

  3. It is surprising that all selected players including selectors are very decent, well behaved players who are some thing next to god.
    As come to fast bowling were players like sachin dravid etc selected after facing likes of macgrath jeff thomson etc…idiots

  4. I think the BCCI official who made the disclosure should be named and asked to come clean with facts on his claims, rather than talking in riddles and not having the courage to speak publicly.

  5. Sarfaraz Khan Is scoring runs in a plentiful. You fools find
    Lame excuses. The more he plays the more he will grow in confidence and will improve his weaknesses. The head of bcci and certain selectors what is the proven qualification do you’ll have to decide the faith of a youngster.

  6. The bcci is a cricket body sold to Mumbai and gujrat cricket boards all fans should watching football for giving bcci som much needed accountability

  7. How can selectors judge a player’s cricket test match playing abilities by his performances in IPL T20 cricket matches ?

  8. How many people know Mike Gatting captain of England? his fitness was worst than sarfaraz🤣 I think this official has some serious problem with him🤣

  9. Just because sarfraz being an muslim he is not getting chance to play for india,BCCI has became party office of BJP,and puppet in hands of gujarat and mumbai association,I being an ex cricketer suggest sarfraz to shift to other crick playing nation like so many now a days reprenting its waste in india good luck sarfaraz


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