New Rule By ICC, COVID-Positive Players To Be Allowed To Play In The World Cup

A player who tests positive for COVID will not be prohibited from participating in a match under the new ICC regulations. Additionally, no testing or isolation will be done throughout the competition.

If the team doctor determines it is safe for him to participate, a COVID-positive athlete will be permitted to compete in the T20 World Cup and will not be disqualified. A COVID-positive athlete will be permitted to play if given the all-clear by the team doctor, according to the most recent ICC playing rules.
If the player isn’t cleared, the clubs are free to substitute someone else. But if he is given the all-clear to play despite testing positive for the illness, his participation in a game won’t be affected.
Additionally, the ICC has said that there would be no isolation for any player who tests positive for COVID. Before, even a player’s close friends and family members were requested to segregate. Now, though, that won’t be the case.
Additionally, there won’t be any required testing throughout the competition. Since 2020, the athletes have submitted to many COVID-19 tests, but they are no longer required to provide sample data. Globally, the COVID-19 situation has improved, and vaccinations have helped individuals effectively fend off the menace.
In Australia, the eighth T20 World Cup is being played. The tournament’s first match took place today (October 16) in Geelong, and the championship game is set for November 13 at the storied Melbourne Cricket Ground.
The ICC had let Australia all-rounder Tahlia McGrath participate in the 2022 Commonwealth Games championship match despite testing positive. She was observed wearing a mask and sitting apart. But after they won the gold medal, she joined in the celebration with her team. The same events may occur at the World Cup for men.

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On October 23, Team India under the direction of Rohit Sharma will face Pakistan in its opening match. The game will be held at MCG. On November 9 and 10, respectively, the two knockouts will take place in Sydney and Adelaide.

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