“It is okay to be aggressive but…”: Mithali Raj Slams Harmanpreet Kaur For Her Disrespectful Behavior

A recent ODI match between India and Bangladesh witnessed an unfortunate incident that has drawn severe criticism from former Indian captain Mithali Raj. Harmanpreet Kaur, the current captain of the Indian women’s cricket team, was involved in a series of controversial actions during and after the match. Mithali Raj, in her column for Hindustan Times, expressed her disapproval, labeling Harmanpreet’s behavior as ‘disgraceful and atrocious.’

Mithali Raj stressed the significance of respecting the opposition, especially in a series like the one against Bangladesh, where the host team displayed commendable skills and determination. Regardless of the result, maintaining sportsmanship and appreciating the opponent’s efforts are fundamental to the spirit of cricket. Harmanpreet’s heated altercation with the umpires and her unsavory comments about the opposition and the officials during the post-match ceremony was deemed unacceptable by Mithali.

Mithali wrote, “A team is expected to show respect to the opposition, especially in this particular series where one must credit Bangladesh for how they played and fought hard. This is good for the sport of women’s cricket. Suppose what is being reported in the media regarding Harman’s behavior towards the opposition captain during the photo session with the trophy is true. In that case, it is simply disgraceful and atrocious.”

As a prominent figure in women’s cricket and a role model to many aspiring young players, Harmanpreet Kaur’s actions carry significant weight. Mithali Raj highlighted the responsibility of being a renowned player, stating that cricketers should conduct themselves in a dignified manner both on and off the field. With the advent of social media, every action of a sportsperson is under scrutiny, and kids who look up to these players tend to emulate their behavior. Players must be mindful of their actions as they influence the future generation of athletes.

“Harmanpreet is a good player and is a role model for a lot of kids. One has to conduct themselves in a dignified manner on and off the field as responsible cricketers. Earlier, women’s cricket did not have much coverage or presence on social media; now everything is in the public domain, and all actions are emulated by aspiring kids who want to take up the sport.” She further wrote.

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While acknowledging that aggression and emotions are inherent in sports, Mithali emphasized that the game should always be greater than any individual. On-field competitiveness is expected but should not spill over into unsportsmanlike behavior once the match ends. Harmanpreet’s actions, though fueled by understandable anguish, crossed the line of acceptable conduct and should not be condoned.

“It is okay to be aggressive and show emotions to a point, but one shouldn’t forget the game is above individuals. While Harman’s anguish is understandable, her behavior shouldn’t be condoned. Also, what happens in the match should be left there.” The former Indian Skipper added in the last.

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