IPL 2023 To Start With 4 Major Changes In Rule, Here Is The Full Detail

Fans are waiting for the 16th edition of IPL 2023 to see their favorite stars entertaining them with their brilliant performance of bat and ball. The upcoming IPL 2023 tournament will feature some new rules including the impact player rule which was announced earlier by the IPL governing council.

It has now been revealed that team captains will have the freedom to select their playing XI after the toss takes place between the two captains. Captains will now carry two different team sheets and select the final playing XI after the toss.

The new rule will enable teams to pick the best possible XI based on whether they are batting or bowling, including the appropriate impact player.

A close source of the IPL governing council said, “Currently the captains have to exchange the teams before the toss.”

IPL 2023 has become the second T20 franchise tournament after the SA20 to allow teams to announce their playing XI after the toss. The SA20, which held its first season recently required teams to put down 13 names on the team sheet initially before announcing their final XI after the toss.

Other Changes Of Rules For IPL 2023 Are:

  1. If a team fails to complete an over in the allotted time, they will be penalized with an “over rate penalty.” With this, the team has to keep only four fielders outside the 30-yard circle for every incomplete over.
  2. If the wicketkeeper makes an unfair movement before the ball is bowled in cricket, it will be considered a dead ball, and the batting team will be benefited with 5 runs.
  3. Like a wicket-keeper even if a fielder makes an abrupt movement, 5 runs along with the dead ball will be given in the favor of the batting side.

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