“I dated Irfan Pathan for five years since 2011 and then…”: Actress Payal Ghosh Reveals Secret Relationship

Actress-turned-politician Payal Ghosh is once again under the social media spotlight, this time making significant claims about her past relationships with Indian cricket stars. Following her attention-grabbing marriage proposal to Mohammed Shami, Ghosh has now disclosed details about her five-year relationship with former all-rounder Irfan Pathan.

Payal Ghosh, known for her work in films and television, has transitioned into politics and currently holds the position of vice president in Ramdas Athawale’s political party. Her dual role in the entertainment industry and politics has kept her in the public eye.

In a recent social media revelation, Payal Ghosh expressed her willingness to marry Indian pacer Mohammed Shami. However, she attached a condition – Shami’s improvement in English. This statement stirred discussions and garnered attention across various platforms.

Adding to the saga, Payal Ghosh disclosed details about her five-year relationship with former cricketer Irfan Pathan, spanning from 2011. She shared insights into the emotional aftermath of their breakup, emphasizing Irfan as the only person she ever loved.

Post the breakup with Irfan Pathan, Payal Ghosh faced health issues and claimed an emotional toll. She highlighted the exclusivity of her feelings for Irfan and detailed the attention she received from other notable personalities like Gautam Gambhir and Akshay Kumar.

In a surprising turn, Payal Ghosh revealed that Irfan Pathan was aware of Gautam Gambhir’s missed calls during their relationship. Irfan even confirmed the situation in front of family members, adding a layer of complexity to the narrative.

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Contrasting with Payal Ghosh’s revelations, Gautam Gambhir is currently happily married to Natasha Jain, with their union dating back to 2011. Social media has been buzzing with reactions to Payal’s claims and Gambhir’s established marital status.

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