Fact Check: The Truth Behind The Viral Video Of Shakib Al Hasan’s Incident At Airport

In the aftermath of Bangladesh’s less-than-impressive performance in the recent ODI World Cup hosted by India, a viral video depicting an attack on Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan by disappointed cricket fans has created a storm on social media. However, upon closer investigation, it appears that the incident in the video occurred long before the World Cup, and misinformation is circulating about the circumstances.

The viral video shows a crowd seemingly attacking Shakib Al Hasan, with security personnel attempting to intervene. Claims on social media suggest that this incident took place after the ODI World Cup 2023, indicating anger from Bangladeshi cricket fans towards Shakib’s captaincy.

In our investigation, the claims surrounding the viral video have been debunked. The incident captured in the video occurred in March of the same year when Shakib Al Hasan was in Dubai for an event. This incident is unrelated to Bangladesh’s recent cricket performance.

Some mischievous elements are attempting to mislead the public by re-uploading the video on social media, falsely linking it to the aftermath of the ODI World Cup. The misinformation aims to capitalize on the frustration surrounding Bangladesh’s cricketing performance.

Shakib Al Hasan’s performance in the ODI World Cup 2023. He scored a total of 186 runs in 7 matches at an average of 26.57. As a bowler, he took 9 wickets at an economy rate of 5.26. Unfortunately, he missed two matches due to injury, contributing to the team’s struggles.

Shakib Al Hasan, despite being a seasoned player, has become a target for critics due to the team’s disappointing showing in the World Cup. The burden of leadership, coupled with the team’s overall performance, has drawn attention to his role as captain.

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