“Dubai is so hot for a 50-over game, players would have been finished…”: Ravi Shastri On Asia Cup 2023 Venue Controversy

In the world of cricket, the Asia Cup is a highly anticipated tournament that brings together some of the most talented teams in the continent. The Asia Cup 2023 was no exception, promising thrilling matches and fierce competition. However, unforeseen circumstances took centre stage, particularly the persistent rain that disrupted the event. In this article, we explore the insights of former Indian all-rounder and head coach Ravi Shastri regarding the choice of host country and the challenges posed by the weather.

The choice of host country for the Asia Cup is a decision that carries significant weight. With its state-of-the-art facilities, the Middle East has been a preferred destination for cricket tournaments. However, the extreme weather conditions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) posed a challenge.

Ravi Shastri, a respected figure in Indian cricket, offered his perspective on the matter. He opined that hosting the Asia Cup in the UAE would have been daunting due to the scorching heat. He emphasized that the well-being of the players should be a top priority. Shastri’s concern was not unfounded, as the UAE had previously hosted the Asia Cup in 2018, where the intense heat had taken a toll on the players.

Shastri said, “If you see at this moment, rain is everywhere. There was talk about how it could have been played in Dubai. Dubai is so hot… for a 50-over game, these players would have been finished. It’s unforeseen circumstances and a calamity that can happen naturally. You look at Bangladesh, northern India, Mumbai, the coastline of India… there is rain everywhere.”

While the decision to host the tournament in Sri Lanka seemed like a logical choice to avoid the extreme UAE heat, another unpredictable factor came into play: the rain. The Asia Cup 2023 became synonymous with rain delays and shortened matches. India, in particular, faced the brunt of the rain, severely affecting their group-stage clashes against Pakistan and Nepal. Even their Super Four game extended into the reserve day.

Former Pakistan pacer Wasim Akram joined the conversation, offering a pragmatic viewpoint. He highlighted the frustration of players and fans but stressed that certain factors, like the weather, are beyond anyone’s control. Akram acknowledged that while people had different opinions on the choice of host country, the decision had already been made.

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“I know it’s frustrating for the players and the fans back home in India, Pakistan and worldwide, but this thing you cannot control. Many people are criticizing many people regarding the Asia Cup, but this decision has been made. There is not point in criticizing now, and nothing can happen. A lot of people say it should have been played in Pakistan. We can discuss this topic, but it’s not our job,” Akram stated.

Akram’s words echoed a sentiment shared by many cricket enthusiasts. The unpredictable weather-related disruptions in sports events can be a challenging hurdle to overcome. With the Asia Cup underway, shifting venues at this stage became an impractical option.

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