PCB Seeks Compensation From Jay Shah-Led ACC, Check Full Report

The ongoing dispute between the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) regarding the Asia Cup 2023 continues to cast a shadow over the tournament. Zaka Ashraf, the chairman of the PCB, has recently raised concerns and demanded compensation from the ACC, which is currently led by Jay Shah, for the games scheduled to take place in Sri Lanka.

One of the main issues raised by Ashraf in his email to the ACC is the impact of persistent rain on ticket sales. The Asia Cup 2023 is being organized in a hybrid format, with four matches designated for Pakistan and the remaining nine in Sri Lanka. Pakistan holds the hosting rights for the Continental Cup.

The weather has played a significant role in affecting the tournament. India, for instance, has already encountered two rain-affected matches. The highly anticipated clash between India and Pakistan had to be called off due to rain, causing disappointment among fans. Additionally, India had to play a rain-curtailed match against Nepal, highlighting the weather-related challenges.

The Super-Four games scheduled to take place in Colombo are under the looming threat of a complete washout due to continuous rain. This unfortunate events have added to the already contentious atmosphere surrounding the Asia Cup 2023.

As the dispute between the PCB and ACC continues to unfold, cricket fans and stakeholders eagerly await a resolution allowing the tournament to proceed smoothly and ensuring that cricket enthusiasts can enjoy the matches without weather-related interruptions.

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