Alert: KKR vs Rajasthan Match Date Changed because of Ram Navami

Kolkata’s home match against the Rajasthan Royals, which was scheduled for April 17, is set to be rescheduled after the local police expressed their concern about providing security due to the Ram Navmi festival.
Bangal is also set to cast its vote for the first phase of the election. The voting in Kolkata will take place on June 1.

. Kolkata police wrote a letter to CAB saying, “Since the match is coinciding with Ram Navami and a portion of security is already deployed for elections, it won’t be possible for us to provide adequate security for the match on April 17.” 
CAB has suggested the match either be preponed or postponed by one day.

A source close to BCCI said, “Yes, the CAB has informed us that local police have asked for a rescheduling of the date, and the matter is being looked into. We haven’t yet decided on the new date.”

The CAB senior officer further added, “”We have suggested two dates, April 16 or 18. In any case, it is KKR’s home match and will be played at the Eden Gardens.”

There are further issues that are lying in front of BCCI due to the change in dates.

Speaking about the same, the senior BCCI official said, “When you change one date, there is a chain reaction. The travel itinerary of teams changes; broadcasters need to change their travel plans and ticketing, and it becomes a huge logistical nightmare.”

The official further added, “So we need to weigh in a lot of things before finalizing a schedule change. Obviously, if the city police are unable to deploy adequate security, there is little option left.”

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