‘You Fuc** Cheat’: David Warner Shuts England Fan’s Mouth With His Ongoing Viral Gesture

The opening game of the Ashes series has entered a thrilling phase, as Australia finds itself in a gripping battle against England on the fifth and final day. With just 174 runs needed for victory and seven wickets in hand, the match hangs in the balance, promising an enthralling conclusion. However, amidst the intense drama, the crowd’s behavior has become a topic of discussion, particularly towards the Australian players, Steve Smith and David Warner.

The passionate home crowd has been a significant factor throughout the Test match, with fans turning up in large numbers and providing relentless support to their team. However, there have been instances where certain sections of the crowd crossed the line by targeting the Australian players, reminding them of the infamous ball-tampering incident that occurred during the South Africa series in 2018.

The ball-tampering scandal involving Steve Smith and David Warner resulted in significant consequences for both players, as they were handed bans from the game for a certain period of time. The England fans wasted no time in reminding the two players of their past actions, with chants and taunts aimed at them during the match.

Steve Smith became the primary focus of the crowd’s attention, as they chanted, ‘We saw you cry on TV,’ in a bid to provoke the former captain. Meanwhile, David Warner, who had endured a challenging time on the field, was subjected to ‘You Fu** cheat’ chants. However, Warner’s response to the crowd taunts added an unexpected twist to the proceedings.

A video has gone viral on the internet, capturing a moment where Warner hilariously hit back at the ‘Cheat’ chants directed towards him. In a light-hearted manner, the left-handed opener responded by giving a double thumbs up to the fans and exclaimed, ‘Woah.’ Warner’s gesture showcased his ability to handle pressure and display a sense of humor in the face of adversity.

However, Warner’s performance in the ongoing Ashes series has come under scrutiny, as the 36-year-old struggled during the World Test Championship final and had modest scores of 9 and 36 in the first Test. With expectations riding high, Warner will be keen to regain his form and contribute significantly to the Australian team’s success in the series.

The incident involving the crowd’s behavior highlights the intense rivalry and emotions associated with the Ashes series. While spectators have a right to express their support, it is essential to maintain the spirit of the game and respect players’ past experiences.

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As the final day of the first Test approaches, all eyes will be on Australia’s pursuit of victory and England’s quest to secure crucial wickets. The match’s outcome hangs delicately, promising an exhilarating finish to the first chapter of this highly-anticipated Ashes contest.

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