Will Shubman Gill Replace Rohit As New Indian Skipper? Former Indian Selectors Provided Important Verdict

Shubman Gill, the talented Indian cricketer, has been making waves with impressive performances across all three game formats. With his solid batting technique and consistent run-scoring ability, Gill has emerged as a critical player in the Indian cricket team. While there have been discussions about his potential as a future captain, evaluating his progress as a batsman is essential before considering him for additional responsibility. Former national selector Bhupinder Singh Sr shares his thoughts on Gill’s journey and the significance of cementing his position in the team before assuming the captaincy role.

Shubman Gill’s recent form has been nothing short of remarkable. The young cricketer has displayed prowess in Test matches, ODIs, and T20Is, accumulating runs and playing crucial innings for his team. Gill’s elegant stroke play, solid technique, and calm demeanour have earned him fans and cricket experts accolades. His ability to adapt to different formats and perform consistently positions him as one of the most promising talents in Indian cricket.

Bhupinder Singh Sr, a former national selector with considerable experience, acknowledges Gill’s potential to become a batting sensation for India. He commends Gill’s game, aura, and personality, highlighting the ingredients necessary for a player to attain greatness. However, Singh Sr emphasizes not rushing Gill into captaincy responsibilities. According to him, any cricketer must establish himself in the national team and prove his worth over an extended period.

“I will not rush him at this juncture because we want to see him as the next batting legend of the country. If things go well, which I am sure will, he can be the next batting sensation from this country. He has that game, aura and personality. Later in that process, we can see him develop as a good captain,” he told Hindustan Times.

Singh Sr’s viewpoint centres on the idea that before considering Gill for captaincy, he must solidify his place in the team and exhibit consistent performance over a sustained period. The former selector stresses the need for Gill to be a dependable asset rather than a liability. Gill’s batting skills, temperament, and ability to contribute significantly to the team’s success are essential to his readiness for the captaincy role.

“First, he should hold his place in the team, whatever format you pick him for. You are sure he will not be a liability to the team for the next couple of years. The captain has to be able to pull his weight in the team,” he added.

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While Gill has captained age-group teams in domestic cricket, he lacks substantial experience as a captain at the highest level. Leadership in international cricket demands cricketing understanding and the ability to manage a diverse set of personalities and make crucial decisions under pressure. As such, Gill must gain more exposure and experience in leadership roles before assuming captaincy for the Indian cricket team.

Shubman Gill‘s cricketing journey is still in its early stages, and his remarkable performances have created a buzz around his potential as a future leader. While Gill’s exceptional batting skills make him a strong contender for captaincy, giving him time to grow as a player and gain further experience is essential. With a strong foundation as a batsman, Gill can gradually develop his leadership skills, contributing to his team’s success as a prolific run-scorer and a capable captain.

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