‘India Should be banned….’ Pakistan Wants Strict Action and Compensation For India If They Don’t Come To Pakistan To Play Champions Trophy

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has recently voiced concerns regarding India’s participation in the upcoming 2025 Champions Trophy. The PCB has yet to sign the hosting agreement for the tournament and is seeking assurances and compensation in case India decides to withdraw from the event. This development comes in the wake of India’s non-participation in the 2023 Asia Cup due to security concerns and negotiations that took place to resolve the issue.

After an interval of eight years, Pakistan is eagerly preparing to host the 2025 Champions Trophy, which would mark their return as tournament hosts. However, the PCB has refrained from signing the hosting contract and has expressed apprehensions to the International Cricket Council (ICC). In response to the PCB’s concerns, the ICC Chairman and CEO visited Pakistan to address the matter and engage in discussions.

The PCB’s primary concern revolves around the possibility of India deciding to withdraw from the 2025 Champions Trophy. As one of the prominent cricketing nations, India’s participation holds considerable significance for the success and global appeal of the tournament. The PCB seeks clarification from the ICC regarding the consequences and compensation that would arise if India were to pull out from the event

The strained cricketing relations between India and Pakistan have been evident in recent years. During the 2023 Asia Cup, India opted not to travel to Pakistan, citing security concerns and opting for a hybrid model instead. Negotiations ensued, eventually resulting in a resolution that brought relief to the cricketing community.

The 2025 Champions Trophy carries immense importance for Pakistan, as it would mark their first opportunity to host an ICC tournament in 29 years. The last time Pakistan co-hosted a major ICC event was during the 1996 World Cup. Unfortunately, Pakistan lost the hosting rights for the 2011 World Cup following a tragic terror attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore.

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