“Not at all, I saw…” Ben Stokes Sensational Verdict On Bazball Approach After Losing The First Ashes Test

The Ashes 2023 opener between Australia and England was an enthralling contest that will be etched in cricketing history. The match, which witnessed twists, turns, and moments of brilliance, culminated in a hard-fought victory for the touring side.

Despite the defeat, England captain Ben Stokes remained steadfast in his team’s approach and vowed to continue playing the aggressive and entertaining brand of cricket they have embraced. Stokes’s unwavering belief in their style of play and refusal to dwell on the loss underline England’s determination to challenge Australia in their formidable way.

The Test match unfolded as a sporting spectacle, captivating cricket enthusiasts worldwide. Australia and England showcased their prowess, skill, and strategic insight, making it a contest that will be remembered for years. The intensity, drama, and relentless pursuit of victory on both sides contributed to the overall allure of the match.

England captain Ben Stokes exuded pride in his team’s performance and their ability to keep spectators on the edge of their seats throughout the Test. Despite falling short, Stokes commended his players for their fighting spirit and unwavering commitment to providing exciting cricket. He acknowledged the significance of such high-profile contests in garnering more interest and followers for the Ashes series in England and Australia.

“Very proud of the team to take it till the end, go through all those emotions. That’s another great game we have been part of; I’ll be shocked if we haven’t kept people on the edge of their seats throughout this Test. A good reason for more people in England and Australia to follow the Ashes,” Stokes said at the post-match presentation ceremony.

Despite the defeat, Stokes made it clear that England would stay within their chosen style of play. The captain emphasized their commitment to playing aggressive cricket, going hard at Australia, and making decisions based on what feels right. Stokes’s statement highlights England’s determination to challenge the formidable Australian side by taking risks and maintaining their attacking mindset.

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Stokes’s decision to declare England’s innings at 393/8 on Day 1 raised eyebrows among fans and pundits. Stokes confidently defended his choice when questioned about any regrets regarding the declaration. He saw it as an opportunity to seize the initiative against Australia and acknowledged that the outcome could have been similar even if they had batted for an additional 20 minutes. Stokes’s unwavering conviction in his decision-making reflects his belief in taking bold steps to unsettle the opposition.

“A loss is a loss; we said we would keep playing this way. This is the way we will continue playing, going hard at Australia, taking certain decisions that feel right,” he said.

“Not at all; I saw it as a chance to pounce on Australia. Never easy for someone to go out and bat for 20 minutes. Who knows? Maybe Root and Jimmy could have left, and we would have been in the same place,” he asserted.

The gripping opening Test of the Ashes 2023 series sets the stage for a fiercely competitive battle between traditional rivals. Ben Stokes’s determination to adhere to England’s brand of aggressive cricket suggests that fans can expect more thrilling encounters in the matches to come. The loss in the opener has only strengthened England’s resolve to continue playing with unwavering intensity, posing a formidable challenge to the Australian team.

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