Watch Video: MS Dhoni Denied To Give Autograph To Deepak Chahar, Check The Full Viral Video

The final match of IPL 2023 provided thrilling moments on the field and some lighthearted and humorous incidents involving the players. One such incident involved MS Dhoni and Deepak Chahar, which has gained attention on social media.

In a video that has gone viral, Deepak Chahar is seen approaching Dhoni with a pen, requesting an autograph on his T-shirt. Dhoni initially gestures for Chahar to go away, playfully indicating that he is not interested. He even complains to Rajeev Shukla nearby, jokingly mentioning how Chahar dropped a catch during the match. Despite Dhoni’s resistance, Chahar persists in asking for the autograph.

Eventually, Dhoni takes the pen from Chahar and signs his T-shirt. The video showcases Dhoni’s playful side and ability to joke with his teammates. Fans have widely shared and appreciated this clip, enjoying the interaction between the two players.

During the final match, Deepak Chahar dropped two catches of Shubman Gill. However, Dhoni, with his exceptional wicketkeeping skills, quickly redeemed the situation by dismissing Gill shortly after. Dhoni’s reflexes and agility behind the wicket have earned him a reputation as one of the greatest wicketkeepers ever.

Dhoni’s contributions extend beyond his wicketkeeping prowess. In the IPL, he has amassed an impressive 5082 runs in 249 matches. With an average of 39 and a strike rate of around 136, Dhoni’s batting skills have been instrumental in many victories for his team. He has scored 24 fifties in the IPL and has recorded 349 fours and 239 sixes in the tournament.

These statistics highlight Dhoni’s comprehensive capabilities and ability to make a significant impact with gloves and the bat. His humorous exchange with Chahar during the IPL 2023 final only adds to fans’ admiration for his personality and skills.

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