Fact Check: Was Shakib Al Hasan Beaten By Public At Airport After Return From ODI World Cup 2023 Campaign?

In a shocking twist, Bangladesh cricket captain Shakib Al Hasan faced an unfortunate incident upon his return to the country after a disappointing campaign in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023.

The disappointment of the World Cup performance reached its peak when furious fans welcomed Shakib Al Hasan upon his return to Bangladesh. Viral videos captured fans chanting ‘maar, maar (beat him),’ with some even grabbing his collar. The situation escalated as the unruly crowd pushed him to the ground before security intervened.

Security guards acted swiftly to rescue Shakib from the hostile crowd, but the incident left the captain visibly shaken. The episode raises questions about the line between sporting disappointment and personal safety for players.

The incident raises concerns about the well-being of players in the face of intense fan emotions. Shakib Al Hasan, who has been a stalwart for Bangladesh cricket, appeared deeply affected by the confrontation. The incident highlights the delicate balance between fan passion and player safety.

However, upon closer investigation, it appears that the incident in the video occurred long before the World Cup, and misinformation is circulating about the circumstances. In the investigation, the claims surrounding the viral video have been debunked. The incident captured in the video occurred in March of the same year when Shakib Al Hasan was in Dubai for an event. This incident is unrelated to Bangladesh’s recent cricket performance.

Fact Check: The Truth Behind The Viral Video Of Shakib Al Hasan’s Incident At Airport

Shakib’s verbal duel with Tamim cast a shadow on the team even before the tournament began. Despite starting with a promising 6-wicket victory over Afghanistan, Bangladesh went on a disastrous losing streak, including a shocking defeat to the Netherlands. The team faced severe criticism and risked finishing at the bottom.

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  1. This is an old video (mar 2023). You guys need to fact check before posting. You are journalists. Not social media. You lost credibility in my eyes

  2. Stupid guys…this is an old video. Why do you post such videos without verifying? Are you all out of real jobs or what?
    Whoever posted this kindly issue an apology statement!


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