“The delay was because….” CAB President’s Suggestion To Narendra Modi Stadium’s Management After The Delay In IPL 2023 Final Match

The highly anticipated 2023 Indian Premier League (IPL) final between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans faced multiple delays and interruptions due to persistent rain in Ahmedabad. The match, originally scheduled for a certain day, had to be postponed to the reserve day, only to face further disruptions. Despite these challenges, Chennai Super Kings emerged victorious in a thrilling encounter, raising questions about the readiness of the Narendra Modi Stadium for hosting major cricket events, including the upcoming ODI World Cup Final.

Snehasish Ganguly, the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) president, suggested that the authorities should take inspiration from Eden Gardens’ fully covered rain management system.

Ganguly emphasized that the issue arose due to the side wickets getting wet. He expressed confidence that the GCA would rectify the situation at the Narendra Modi Stadium in due course, indicating that a full ground cover could effectively eliminate such problems in the future.

“The delay was because the side wickets got wet. It’s a new stadium, and I’m sure it will be rectified in due course. It’s not a big issue. If they cover the full ground, there won’t be this issue anymore” Snehasish Ganguly said.

Eden Gardens, located in Kolkata, stands as a shining example of efficient rain management in Indian cricket. The stadium implemented a fully covered rain management system during the 2008 IPL, using locally sourced plastic covers.

Ganguly emphasized that implementing a full cover at the Narendra Modi Stadium, similar to Eden Gardens, would help overcome weather-related challenges. The GCA already possesses excellent facilities, including a sand-based ground and a robust drainage system that quickly removes water from the playing surface. However, he noted that the side wickets, which lack sand, are susceptible to rainwater percolation. By employing a full cover, the stadium authorities can prevent such issues and ensure uninterrupted play even during adverse weather conditions.

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Snehasish Ganguly further said “It’s a learning process. You are learning everyday. I am pretty sure they will have it before the World Cup. Like Eden Gardens, if GCA have a provision for this (full cover), they will overcome this problem. They have got all the facilities. They have a sand-based ground, and a perfect drainage system in place to flush out water in quick time. But side wickets won’t have sand and if rain percolates then there would be an issue. But if they get a full cover, it will be solved. It’s not a big deal. You just need to employ 40-50 people extra to get it fully covered.”

The success story of Eden Gardens, where former India captain Sourav Ganguly imported the covers from England during his tenure at the CAB, serves as an inspiration and demonstrates the effectiveness of investing in superior rain management infrastructure.

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