“Tags like King and Prince are good but…” Virat Kohli’s Bold Statement On Nicknames

Virat Kohli, known as the “King Kohli” by fans, has established himself as one of the most formidable batsmen in world cricket. Shubman Gill, on the other hand, is making waves with his impressive performances, earning him the “Prince of Team India.” While fans shower these titles upon Kohli and Gill, both players value their roles beyond mere nicknames. According to Kohli, their responsibility as senior players is to nurture and guide the younger talents in the team, sharing their experiences and helping them improve their game.

While Virat Kohli appreciates the tags of “King” and “Prince” given by fans, he believes their significance lies primarily in the eyes of the audience. From his standpoint, being a senior player means taking on the responsibility of mentoring and supporting younger players. Kohli emphasizes the importance of sharing insights gained from his career and guiding them toward success. He acknowledges Shubman Gill’s immense talent and temperament, stating that they share a relationship built on respect and a strong bond.

Talking on an ICC show, Virat Kohli said, “Tags like King and Prince are good from the audience’s point of view, but I think the job of a senior player is to help improve the game of young players. You have to tell them everything you have seen during your career. He (Shubman Gill) has the amazing ability and temperament to perform on the biggest stage. At the same time, he also comes across as confident. We have a relationship based on respect.”

Both Kohli and Gill are currently in exceptional form, making significant contributions with the bat. In the recently concluded IPL 2023, their performances were exemplary. Gill topped the tournament’s run-scoring charts, displaying his prowess as a batsman. Kohli, too, showcased his batting prowess, amassing 639 runs. Their consistent performances have not gone unnoticed, with their contributions elevating the Indian cricket team’s prospects.

Rohit Sharma, another stalwart of Indian cricket, highlights the importance of Gill’s presence at the crease. Gill’s love for batting and his ability to spend quality time at the crease make him an asset to the team. Despite the T20 format, Gill has demonstrated his ability to score big centuries in the IPL. Sharma expresses the team’s expectations for Gill to occupy the crease for extended periods and continue delivering impactful performances.

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According to Rohit Sharma, he and the Indian team would like Gill to spend maximum time at the crease. He said, “Gill is such a batsman who enjoys batting. He likes to bat and spend time at the crease. Even though it was T20 format, he had played big centuries in IPL. I and Team India would expect him to spend maximum time at the crease and play well.”

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