WTC Final 2023: KS Bharat Reveals The Valuable Talk With MS Dhoni During The IPL

Before the mega clash between India and Australia in the final of ICC World Test Championship final, many cricket experts from all around the corner are giving their opinion and talked about the game plan for both teams. The biggest discussion is going on over the playing XI of both the teams and team India is still mulling over the wicketkeeper choice between Ishan Kishan and KS Bharat.

In a recent interview with the ICC, Indian wicketkeeper KS Bharat made an exciting revelation. Bharat disclosed that prior to the crucial encounter against Australia in the WTC Final, he received valuable advice from the former Indian captain and renowned wicketkeeper-batsman, MS Dhoni.

Bharat mentioned that he had a conversation with MS Dhoni during the 16th edition of the Indian Premier League where he learned how to adjust to the English conditions, especially for the wicketkeeper.

While talking to ICC KS Bharat said,”It was a very good conversation and there were a lot of insights from that.”

KS Bharat also praised the wicket-keeping skills of MS Dhoni and Incorporated him as the best wicketkeeper in challenging conditions.

“You need intent and passion to be a keeper because keeping is a thankless job. You keep 90 overs in a Test day and you have to be concentrating ball by ball, so you have to accept the challenges and embrace it and be really passionate about contributing to the team,” Bharat said.

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