‘Remember the 2025 Champions Trophy Is Also In Pakistan, It’s Not About Security But…’,Najam Sethi Indirect Warning To India

The debate over the hosting of Asia Cup 2023 in Pakistan is one of the most heated topics and the PCB chief Najam Sethi has come with another statement over the organisation of this marquee event.

The chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has raised doubts about India’s position on the 2023 Asia Cup, as Pakistan is searching for all the possible solutions to hold the tournament.

Sethi requested an urgent meeting of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) in January to discuss the venue for the 2023 Asia Cup. However, no resolution was reached at that time. It is possible that a final verdict on the matter could be made in March.

Now, the PCB Chief has assured that there is no problem in security for any teams and they are trying to make this tournament a comfortable one for every nation.

While talking in a press conference, Sethi said “I have kept my options open because all teams are coming to Pakistan and have no issues with security. Then why is India worried about security?”

He also talked about the concern for the 2023 ODI World Cup in India if the BCCI does not send their team to the place.

Sethi said,”In the same way, we can also have security concerns over sending our team to India for the World Cup and I will be bringing this to the table at the coming meetings.”

He later emphasised that Champions Trophy 2025 will also be organised in Pakistan and it should be a noted point for everyone.

“Remember, it is not just about the Asia Cup and World Cup, it is also about the Champions Trophy in 2025 in Pakistan.”

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