‘Rahul Dravid Has Zero Coaching Sense…’ Former Pakistani Cricketer Blasted On Indian Coach

In the highly anticipated World Test Championship (WTC) final, India finds itself in a precarious position against Australia. Despite a spirited effort on the third day, India’s chances of victory seem slim, prompting criticism of the team’s tactics and the decision to exclude key player Ravichandran Ashwin. Former Pakistani batter Basit Ali has launched a scathing attack on Indian coach Rahul Dravid, questioning his coaching abilities and team selection. As the match unfolds, India’s hopes of securing their maiden WTC title appear to be fading.

Australia currently holds a commanding position in the WTC final, leading by 296 runs with six wickets in hand. India’s struggles have left cricket experts skeptical about their ability to turn the game around. The Australian team has demonstrated remarkable resilience, and India faces an uphill battle in their pursuit of victory.

One of the key talking points of the WTC final has been the omission of Ravichandran Ashwin, India’s leading wicket-taker during the 2021-23 WTC cycle. Ashwin’s absence has drawn criticism from both experts and fans, who question the decision to leave out a seasoned and impactful spinner. As the match progresses, the absence of Ashwin’s bowling prowess becomes increasingly noticeable.

Former Pakistani cricketer Basit Ali has taken aim at Indian coach Rahul Dravid, launching a scathing attack on his coaching abilities and team selection. Ali criticized Dravid’s decision to bowl first, suggesting it was a pivotal moment where India lost the advantage. Ali’s remarks about Dravid’s coaching style have sparked controversy, as many consider Dravid to be a highly respected figure in cricket.

“India lost the game when Rohit Sharma decided to bowl. They bowled like they did in the IPL and celebrated the first three wickets as if they won the game. Only Rahane, Virat Kohli, and Jadeja looked fit, the rest all were tired.”

“I am a huge Rahul Dravid fan. He was a class player, but as a coach, he is absolutely zero. He did not select the side according to the pitch. God knows what he was thinking. Jab upar wala akal baant raha tha toh pata nahi kaha pahaado ke peeche chhupe huye the (When god was distributing brains, only god knows where he was hiding). “

As the WTC final heads into its crucial stages, India finds itself facing an arduous task to snatch victory from Australia’s grasp. The exclusion of Ravichandran Ashwin, combined with the criticism aimed at coach Rahul Dravid, has added to the mounting pressure on the Indian team. The upcoming days will test India’s resilience and their ability to stage a comeback in what could be their second consecutive WTC final defeat. Only time will reveal whether India can conjure a miraculous turnaround and claim the coveted WTC title.

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