PCB Chairman’s Message: Prioritize Country, Warns Pakistan Players

The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board has made it quite clear that players will have to prioritize their country over foreign leagues or they will have to face action. 

Recently, Haris Rauf was axed from the Central contract because he made himself unavailable for selection when Pakistan was playing against Australia. Haris Rauf further went on to play Big Bash League at the same time when the series was going on.

Naqvi further gave his own example of how he himself suffered losses when he was asked to become chief minister of Punjab.

Naqvi said, “I’m not going to say you mustn’t earn money or ask you to make sacrifices we are also not ready to make. But let me give you one example. One year ago, I was asked to become the chief minister of Punjab, and it caused me a financial loss in my business. I had to leave that aside and incur several extra costs. But I had a desire to represent Pakistan, and so I had to make that sacrifice.”

However, Naqvi made it evident that this will not stop players from participating and playing in the foreign league, but they have to be ready to represent Pakistan whenever international cricket is being played.

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Speaking about the same, Naqvi said,
“I will support you 100%, but I’ll just ask you to make Pakistan your first priority and T20 leagues your second priority. It’s unfortunate when money becomes the first priority and the country second. If you do that, then we might have a problem. We can even look at central contracts and bolster them further if you desire, but you must be available for Pakistan first and foremost.” 

Naqvi further stated that the board will try to provide the best facilities to the players but would want the same dedication and commitment from their side as well.

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