Irfan Pathan Levels Serious Allegation On Kiran More For His Biased Decision In Selection Process

In a recent email addressed to the office bearers of the Baroda Cricket Association (BCA), former India all-rounder turned commentator, Irfan Pathan, has raised serious concerns about the actions and statements made by former India wicket-keeper Kiran More during the selection process for the coach of the Baroda senior cricket team. Pathan alleged that More exhibited bias against a potential candidate, Connor Williams, during the coaching appointment, as Williams did not greet him with a “hello.”

The Indian Express obtained access to the email, in which Irfan Pathan expressed his disappointment and the profound impact that More’s behavior has had on him. As a member of the Baroda Cricket Association Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC), Pathan serves alongside More, who chairs the committee. The email detailed the incident that occurred during their recent meeting.

During the meeting, Irfan Pathan advocated for the appointment of a local coach for the upcoming season, putting forward the name of former Baroda player Connor Williams for the head coach position. However, the CAC did not support Pathan’s recommendation.

In the letter addressed to the BCA office bearers, Pathan wrote, “I am writing to bring to your attention a matter of utmost concern that unfolded during the meeting. It is with great disappointment that I witnessed an incident involving a Baroda cricket member that is contributing to the downfall of our esteemed institution. The actions and statements made by Kiran More during the meeting have left me deeply unsettled.”

The email continued, highlighting More’s alleged bias against Williams, “More’s assertion that he will obstruct Connor Williams from joining the coaching setup of the Baroda Ranji team simply because of a perceived lack of greeting is, in my opinion, an absurd and petty justification. This kind of behavior is unbecoming of a senior figure like More, and it reflects poorly on the values we hold as an organization.”

Pathan urged the association to rise above such trivial matters and prioritize the greater good of Baroda cricket. He stated, “Williams is a Ranji Trophy champion and has dedicated his life representing Baroda cricket. It is only fitting that we acknowledge and respect his contributions. Our institution is bigger than any individual, and it is imperative that we remember this fundamental principle.”

The allegations made by Irfan Pathan have shed light on the importance of fairness and objectivity in the selection process for crucial coaching roles within cricket associations. The BCA office bearers may need to address this matter promptly and transparently to uphold the integrity of the organization and its commitment to promoting talent and merit over personal biases.

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