‘Without Ms Dhoni I Would Be…’ Chahal Credits MS Dhoni For His Success In International Cricket

Nearly three years after Mahendra Singh Dhoni bid farewell to his illustrious international cricket career, his impact on the game remains as profound as ever. Revered as one of cricket’s most sagacious individuals, Dhoni’s ability to influence the course of a match from behind the stumps is legendary. Yuzvendra Chahal, recently reminisced about how Dhoni’s guidance transformed him into a relentless attacking force against the opposition.

In a candid conversation with YouTuber Ranveer Allahabadia, Chahal revealed the unwavering trust he placed in the iconic cricketer. “I used to place blind trust in him. Whatever he told me, I followed without hesitation,” Chahal admitted. He disclosed that around ninety-five percent of the time, he implemented Dhoni’s suggestions, only offering his viewpoint five percent of the time. Dhoni’s astute understanding of the pitch and surface conditions, particularly after the 10th over, often led to timely breakthroughs and set the tone for aggressive bowling from the outset.

“Mahi bhai made fifty percent of my life as a bowler much easier,” Chahal praised. Without Dhoni’s insights, he would have had to assess the pitch’s pace and conditions himself. However, with the former captain’s guidance, they launched their attack right from the first over. The unwavering belief in Dhoni’s advice proved immensely valuable, as Chahal frequently reaped rewards with immediate wickets.

Dhoni’s influence on Chahal extended beyond the cricketing field. He shared a special bond with the legendary cricketer, revealing that Dhoni was the only person in front of whom he struggled to find words. “Irrespective of my mood, I don’t speak much. I simply sit silently and respond only if Mahi bhai asks something. Otherwise, I just remain quiet,” Chahal confessed, highlighting his deep admiration for the former captain’s aura.

As a cricketing legend and mentor figure, Dhoni continues to inspire aspiring cricketers who aim to emulate his tactical prowess and astute understanding of the game. His ability to read situations, handle pressure, and guide teammates has left an indelible mark on Indian cricket and beyond. Even in his absence from the international arena, Dhoni’s legacy remains an invaluable asset to the sport and its enthusiasts. His influence will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of cricket for generations to come.

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