ICC Faced Online Fraud By Scammers; Check The Full Report

Online fraud has risen abruptly as the world depends on online transactions and digitalization. Now the big news coming from the cricket fraternity is that the International Cricket Council (ICC) has become the victim of online fraud. It is believed that the scammers have been duped of over 2.5 million dollars through some deception.

Some unknown people created fake email IDs posing as consultants for ICC in the United States and demanded vouchers for payment from the Federation’s CFO. Ignoring these numbers of different bank accounts, ICC also made the payment. Because of this, the International Cricket Council defrauded 21 crores. After which ICC started an investigation regarding this issue.

Currently, there are no official comments provided by the ICC officials. But as per the US sources of the Cricbuzz, it has been learnt that the phishing incident has been done with ICC.

This amount is small for a cricketing board like ICC, but it is equivalent to the four-time of grants Associate members get from the ICC every year.

When this news came into the limelight on Thursday night, an official of the Associate board provided declined this incident and said, โ€œIt can’t be true. An ODI Associate 13-20 ranked can get anything between 500,000 to one million.”

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