“I don’t believe in counting my chickens too much…” Dravid’s Reaction On ‘India vs. Pakistan’ Clash In Asia Cup 2023

The much-anticipated schedule for the 2023 Asia Cup has been revealed, and cricket enthusiasts worldwide are gearing up for an enthralling edition of the continental tournament. This year’s Asia Cup holds a special significance as it marks the first time that Pakistan and Sri Lanka will co-host the prestigious event. The tournament’s highlight undoubtedly lies in the blockbuster clash between arch-rivals India and Pakistan, scheduled for September 2 in Kandy.

The 2023 Asia Cup will be hosted by Pakistan and Sri Lanka, jointly organizing the 16th edition of the tournament. The much-awaited India vs. Pakistan encounter will take place in Kandy on September 2. Notably, both teams are drawn in Group A, which sets the stage for a possible trilogy of epic clashes.

The prospect of India and Pakistan meeting thrice over 19 days has set the cricketing world abuzz. Rahul Dravid, India’s head coach, expressed his thoughts on the exciting schedule during a press conference ahead of the team’s second Test against West Indies. Dravid emphasized the importance of focusing on the first two matches against Pakistan and Nepal before contemplating the possibility of a trilogy with Pakistan in the Super Fours.

“The schedule is out. You have to qualify for the Super Fours to play Pakistan three times. One step at a time, I don’t believe in counting my chickens too much. I know we are going to play Pakistan and Nepal in the first two games, so we need to focus on that. We need to win those games and see where the tournament goes. If we get the opportunity to play them three times, it’s fantastic. That would mean we reach the final of the tournament and hopefully, Pakistan do too.” Dravid told reporters in a video posted by the BCCI.

Dravid’s cautious approach is understandable, given the unpredictable nature of cricket and the challenges posed by high-pressure encounters. He emphasized the need to take one step at a time and not get ahead of themselves. Winning the initial games would pave the way for a potential meeting with Pakistan in the Super Fours, eventually leading to a compelling showdown.

“It would be a great contest, and we certainly want to play right up to the final and win it. But we need to take the first two steps to do that,” Dravid said.

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India’s performance in the last edition of the Asia Cup serves as a reminder of the rivalry’s intensity and the game’s unpredictability. In the previous tournament, India faced defeats against Pakistan and Sri Lanka, preventing them from progressing to the Super Fours stage. The experience from that tournament will undoubtedly serve as a valuable lesson for the Indian team, inspiring them to remain focused and determined throughout the 2023 edition.

In contrast to the T20 format of the previous Asia Cup, this year’s tournament will revert to the traditional fifty-over format. The change is attributed to the upcoming ODI World Cup scheduled for October-November 2023. The return to ODI cricket will add another layer of excitement and intensity to the matches as teams gear up to fine-tune their strategies ahead of the global event.

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