“I apologize for this incident…”: Litton Das Issues Apology For His Inappropriate Behavior With Senior Journalists

In the realm of cricket, not all headlines are about runs, wickets, and centuries. Sometimes, they involve unexpected controversies and off-field incidents that leave fans and the cricketing world talking. The 2023 Cricket World Cup brought one such incident to light involving Bangladesh’s star player, Litton Das.

The incident in question unfolded in the team hotel’s lobby during the ongoing Cricket World Cup. Litton Das found himself in the line of fire for his behavior towards a group of journalists who were present in the same space. His reaction, which initially went unnoticed, soon triggered a controversy.

Unhappy with the presence of media persons in the hotel lobby, Litton Das didn’t hold back. He even complained to the security guard about the journalists’ presence. This incident raised questions about how players interact with the media, especially in a tournament as significant as the World Cup.

The incident didn’t stay under wraps for long. Social media was quick to catch wind of Litton’s behavior, and it soon became a hot topic of discussion. Fans and cricket enthusiasts expressed their opinions on the matter, with some criticizing Litton for his actions.

As the controversy escalated, Litton Das realized the gravity of the situation and decided to issue an apology. He acknowledged that he wasn’t aware of the journalists’ presence in the team hotel and expressed his regret over the incident.

“I apologize for the incident that took place in the team hotel yesterday. Actually, I did not realize that a lot of journalists were present there. I am extremely sorry for the sudden mishap. I am always respectful towards the media. Journalists have played a big role in the development of Bangladesh cricket,” Litton said in a post on Facebook.

This incident didn’t sit well with some senior journalists, who expressed their displeasure at Litton’s behavior. A reporter criticized Litton, stating that while other Bangladesh players spoke to the media, Litton’s behavior towards them was disrespectful.

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“It was rude behavior from Litton. We were insulted in some way, and it was not possible for us to accept it. Journalists will be there where Bangladesh cricket goes. The ICC had allowed us to talk to the players. Taskin (Ahmed) and Mahmudullah talked to us, but the way Litton behaved was unacceptable. He then asked the security what the mediapersons were doing. Just because he is not scoring runs doesn’t mean that he will misbehave with us,” the journalist told Daily Cricket.

On the field, Litton Das hasn’t had the best of campaigns in the 2023 World Cup. He managed to score only 89 runs from three matches and even endured a golden duck against New Zealand at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai in Bangladesh’s last match. These struggles only added to the scrutiny of his behavior off the field.

Looking ahead, Litton Das and the Bangladesh cricket team are preparing to face Rohit Sharma’s India on October 19 in Pune. It’s a crucial match for both teams, and all eyes will be on Litton to not only make amends for his recent behavior but also contribute significantly with the bat.

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