“He is just lacking match awareness…”Stuart broad Drops a bombshell on out of form Mitchell Starc

The most expensive player in the history of the IPL, Mitchell Starc, has so far had a forgetful season. In the first two matches, Mitchell Starc has failed to pick a single wicket and has conceded over 100 runs.

However, in spite of Mitchell Starc’s failure with the ball, England’s paceman, Sturat Braod, feels that Kolkata can give Mitchell Starc time to settle down as the team has already won their first two matches.

In his interaction with Star Sports, Sturat Braod said, “He’s 2 for 2 in the win category, which I think is what you judge yourself on. Generally, if you’re on a winning team, you remain on the team. He’ll be delighted that his team is getting over the line. If he’d bowled 0 for 100 and his team had lost both matches, then his spot would’ve come under the scanner.”

Broad further added, “But that fact that they’ve won those games buys him time because they’ve spent so much money on him; they’re going to give him 5-7 matches to find some form and rhythm.”

Broad feels that Starc can be lethal with the ball; it’s just that match awareness that Starc has lacking so far.

Broad said, “There’s no doubt that when he gets it right, he’s lethal with the ball. But he is just lacking a bit of match awareness in the IPL. The more that he gets to know his captain and his fielding group, the better he’ll get. He’ll be feeling a bit of pressure because when you come with that price tag, you want to pick wickets.” 

The Delhi Capitals will now be the next team on KKR’s target list. Both teams will lock horns on April 3 in Vizag.

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