From Virat-Gambhir To MS Dhoni’s Time-Wasting Controversy, Click Here To Check The Top-5 Controversy Of IPL 2023

As the tournament unfolded, each match seemed to unfurl a new chapter of controversy, fueling heated debates and adding an irresistible layer of intensity to an already fiercely competitive league. From contentious umpiring decisions to heated exchanges between players, the IPL once again proved that it is not just a cricketing spectacle but a breeding ground for controversies that ignite passions, provoke discussions, and leave an indelible mark on the annals of cricket history.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is known for its thrilling cricket matches but is also a breeding ground for controversies. The 2023 season of the IPL was no exception, as it witnessed several highly debated moments that captured the attention of fans and the media. From heated exchanges between players to disputed umpiring decisions, these controversies added a layer of drama and intensity to the tournament.

Here are the top 5 most controversial moments that stirred the IPL 2023:

  1. Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir War of Words:-

In the 2023 season of IPL, one of the most significant controversies unfolded during a match between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Lucknow Super Giants (LSG). It involved a heated exchange of words between RCB captain Virat Kohli and LSG batsman Kayle Mayer, creating a buzz among fans and media alike. This incident, caught on camera, sparked debates and overshadowed the excitement of the match.

The incident was noticed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the governing body of cricket in the country. Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir, associated with LSG, were penalized for violating the IPL code of conduct. The BCCI took a strong stance against the heated confrontation, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the spirit of the game and setting an example for players and fans.

  1. Hrithik Shokeen and Nitish Rana Verbal Altercation:-

A verbal altercation between MI bowler Hrithik Shokeen and KKR captain Nitish Rana created a significant controversy that grabbed the attention of fans worldwide. This incident, which unfolded during the 18th over of the match, overshadowed the captivating nature of the game and left fans disappointed.

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As the match between MI and KKR reached a crucial stage, tensions ran high on the field. It was during the 18th over that things took an ugly turn. Hrithik Shokeen, representing MI, and Nitish Rana, leading KKR, engaged in a heated exchange of words. The altercation quickly escalated, creating a hostile atmosphere on the field. The incident was not unnoticed, as it was captured on camera and spread rapidly across social media platforms.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) immediately responded to the incident. Hrithik Shokeen and Nitish Rana faced penalties for violating the IPL code of conduct.

  1. Waist-High Full Toss Controversy:-

In a match between Delhi Capitals (DC) and Punjab Kings (PBKS), a contentious decision involving a waist-high full toss bowled by DC’s Ishant Sharma sparked a heated debate. The umpire called it a no-ball, although PBKS batsman Liam Livingstone had struck a six off the delivery. DC captain David Warner challenged the decision, only for the third umpire to uphold the on-field umpire’s call. This incident divided fans’ opinions, highlighting the ongoing concerns about the reliability and fairness of third umpire decisions in the IPL.

The involvement of the third umpire added a layer of scrutiny to the controversy. Despite the ball tracker indicating that the delivery would have hit the stumps, the third umpire upheld the on-field umpire’s decision, confirming it as a no-ball. This decision divided fans and experts, with some supporting the umpire’s call and others questioning the consistency and accuracy of decisions made by the third umpire in the IPL.

4:- Controversial Time-Wasting Incident During The Match Between CSK and GT

In the match between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Gujarat Titans (GT) in the Indian Premier League (IPL), a controversial incident involving MS Dhoni and the umpires unfolded. The incident revolved around the time-wasting tactics employed by CSK, raising questions about sportsmanship and enforcing rules in the IPL.

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During the match, GT’s player, Pathirana, had left the field, but upon returning, CSK captain MS Dhoni sought to use him immediately. According to the laws, a bowler must spend a similar duration on the field before being allowed to bowl if they have gone off for more than eight minutes. Following the rules, the umpires did not permit Pathirana to bowl the 16th over.

Dhoni, eager to utilize Pathirana’s bowling skills, argued with the umpires, expressing his desire to hand the ball to Pathirana. Reports suggest that the match officials informed Dhoni about the need for Pathirana to wait a few more minutes before bowling. However, Dhoni insisted that he had no other option but to use Pathirana immediately.

As the minutes ticked by during the argument, the umpires reminded Dhoni about the potential financial penalty for the slow over-rate and the in-match penalty, which would result in only four fielders being allowed outside the 30-yard circle if the 20th over didn’t start on time. Despite the delay caused by the argument, Pathirana was eventually allowed to bowl after four minutes. CSK did not incur a financial penalty but suffered the in-match penalty.

5:- Controversial Missed Mankad Attempt

In the high-stakes Qualifier 1 match between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Gujarat Titans (GT) in the Indian Premier League (IPL), a controversial incident unfolded involving CSK bowler Deepak Chahar’s missed mankad attempt on GT batsman Vijay Shankar. The incident ignited discussions and debates regarding the legality and ethics of the Mankad dismissal, highlighting the complexities surrounding this contentious method of dismissal in cricket.

As Chahar prepared to deliver the ball during the match, he noticed Shankar straying out of the non-striker’s crease. In an attempt to dismiss Shankar by executing a Mankad, Chahar swiftly removed the bails at the non-striker’s end. However, to Chahar’s dismay, Shankar had not backed up too far, and the batsman survived the dismissal.

Chahar’s missed mankad attempt sparked controversy and triggered discussions among players, experts, and fans. The incident raised questions about the legality and ethics of this particular mode of dismissal. The Mankad dismissal involves the bowler running out the non-striker before delivering the ball if the non-striker leaves the crease before the bowler completes the delivery. While some argued that Chahar’s attempt was within the rules, others questioned the fairness and sportsmanship of the Mankad dismissal.

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