Excitement Builds as ACC Unveils Women’s Asia Cup 2024 Schedule

The Asian Cricket Council has announced the schedule for the women’s Asia Cup. The multination tournament is all set to be played in Sri Lanka from July 19 to July 28.

This tournament will once again ignite the fire of the India vs. Pakistan rivalry as both teams are placed in the same group. 

This tournament is also vital for the teams, keeping the T-20 World Cup in mind, which is scheduled to be played in Bangladesh later this year.

The upcoming Asia Cup will have eight teams participating, as Nepal is the latest to join the tournament.

The president of the Asian Cricket Council, Jay Shah, is delighted with the expansion and growth of women’s cricket around the world.

Speaking about the same, Jay Shah said, “The Women’s T20I Asia Cup 2024 underscores the ACC’s commitment to promoting women’s cricket in the region.”

“We are excited to see the increased participation and competitiveness among the teams, reflecting the growing popularity and importance of women’s cricket. This expansion, from six teams in 2018 to seven in 2022, and now eight, is a testament to our commitment to the women’s game and the burgeoning talent pool in Asian cricket. We anticipate an exciting tournament that will inspire both players and fans.

Jay Shah further stated, “The Women’s T20I Asia Cup has become a significant event in the ACC calendar, providing a platform for women cricketers to showcase their skills and passion for the sport. The ACC remains steadfast in its efforts to advance women’s cricket and create more opportunities for women to excel internationally.” 

India are the defending champions of the Asia Cup and are placed in Group A along with Pakistan, Nepal, and the UAE

On the other hand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand are placed in Group B.

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