Do You Know The Salary Of Net Bowlers? Let’s Check Everything Here

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 season will start on 31 March. The first match will be played between defending champions Gujarat Titans (GT) and Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s CSK. This is only the Gujarat team’s second season, and its captaincy is in the hands of star all-rounder Hardik Pandya.

All the teams have almost completed their preparations regarding IPL. Along with this, a training camp has also been organized in his hometown of the teams. In this camp, net bowlers are called for the practice of batters.

The players’ fees in IPL are decided through auction and contract. Along with this, everything is also revealed in front of the fans. But only a few people would know how much fees net bowlers get. Don’t be surprised if I will tell you that they get nothing.

Yes, this is correct. Before Corona, net bowlers were kept free of cost. But due to the protocols during Corona, the net bowlers had to be kept in the bio-bubble for the entire season. They had to be carried along. This was why at the time of Corona, net bowlers were also given around Rs 5 lakh for a season.

Franchises also used to bear the expenses of living and eating. But after Corona, the tradition of keeping net bowlers free started again. The local net bowlers wait in whatever city the team goes to play the match. In such a situation, there is no need to keep the net bowlers together and bear the expenses of their food and drink and hotel.

But after talking to a domestic cricketer, it has come to know that there are some rules to keep net bowlers. Suppose the franchisee needs a particular net bowler. He is called special by the franchisee or team management, then that net bowler is paid around 7 thousand rupees daily.

In this situation, the biggest advantage for the net bowler is that the franchisee takes care of everything from diet to grooming. That young net bowler also learns a lot after joining the franchise. He gets a chance to bowl in front of a star player, And there is a lot to learn from the bowling coach. You get a chance to work on your shortcomings.

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If a sports academy arranges net bowlers on its behalf or a player becomes a net bowler, he is not paid. This is done so the player can show his talent by becoming a net bowler. With this, there are chances for him to get further opportunities.

An example of this is Umran Malik. Umran made a place in the Sunrisers Hyderabad team as a net bowler and then made his debut for Indian Team.

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