Ben Stokes Opens Up On Reports Stating England Refused Post-Ashes Beer With Australia

The 2023 Ashes series concluded with fittingly shared honours, leaving cricket fans with one of the most fantastic and evenly-matched contests in recent Test cricket history. England’s remarkable comeback from being 2-0 down to tie the series was a testament to their tenacity, while Australia retained the urn. However, the series was not without its share of on-field clashes and post-series controversies, overshadowing the camaraderie of the traditional rivalry.

In the aftermath of the final Test at The Oval, controversy emerged on and off the pitch. Australian journalist Bharat Sundaresan reported that the customary post-series drinks between the Australian and English teams didn’t take place as expected. Allegedly, the Australian team waited in vain outside the English locker rooms, leading to speculations of tension between the teams.

England captain Ben Stokes took to social media to address the misunderstanding and clarify the situation. He explained that multiple farewell events for retiring players, including Stuart Broad, prolonged the post-match wrap-up, delaying meeting the Australian team. Stokes emphasized that the delay had nothing to do with ill will or malice but simply logistical reasons.

“We decided to meet up in the night club rather than the dressing room,” the English captain told his followers.

Bharat Sundaresan tweeted, “Some clarification from the English camp now that their wrap up was extended because of the retirees & presentations & that they were keen on drinking with the Aussies & surprised that the visitors left early. Multiple misunderstandings at the end of a great Ashes?”

Despite the initial concerns, the teams eventually came together to celebrate the thrilling series at a nightclub in London instead of the locker room meeting. Stokes and coach Brendon McCullum emphasized that there was no lingering animosity, and both teams were willing to share a beer and cherish the spirit of cricket.

England’s coach Brendon McCullum has claimed: “I can’t imagine we’ll be having a beer with them any time soon.”

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The conclusion of the Ashes series saw Stuart Broad, the outgoing English fast bowler, claim the last two wickets in his Test cricket career, sealing a memorable series draw for his team. Broad’s contribution and farewell added a poignant touch to the fiercely fought contest.

After an eventful Ashes series, both teams will have a month-long break before performing white-ball duties. England will face New Zealand and Ireland at home, while Australia will tour South Africa and India ahead of the World Cup scheduled for October.

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