When I Want To Laugh, I Call Him’, Rohit Sharma Names His Mood-lifter In Team India

The skipper of the Indian Cricket Team, Rohit Sharma has said that Rishabh Pant is one such player in team India who can make him laugh anytime. Rohit expressed his excitement about Pant’s return to IPL 2024 after being out of action for a while.

Pant survived a serious car accident in December 2022, which required multiple surgeries and a long recovery period. Despite a challenging beginning in IPL 2024, the 25-year-old has shown significant improvement during the tournament and is now prepared to make a comeback in international cricket as well.

During the Club Prairie Fire podcast, the 36-year-old said that he counts on Rishabh Pant to cheer him up when he’s feeling down.

Team India’s skipper said, “If there’s anyone who makes me laugh, that’s Rishabh Pant. He is one crazy guy, we all know. I have been watching him since he was a kid and was quite disappointed when he had to miss a year and a half because of that incident. I’m glad he is back on the field, he is quite witty. The kind of stuff he does behind the stumps makes you laugh and he has his own way of doing it. In a way, when I want to laugh, I call him. He says something and we laugh about it.”

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