“We play spin really well…”: Zak Crawley Warns The Indian Team

Zak Crawley, the dynamic England opener, emerged as a standout performer during the recently concluded Ashes series, scoring an impressive 480 runs. With the series ending in a hard-fought 2-2 draw against Australia, England now sets its sights on an equally challenging tour to India.

Over time, Zak Crawley has become a more aggressive and enterprising opening batsman for England. Crawley has demonstrated a keen intent to score quickly at the top of the order and can take on bowlers from the outset. His attacking approach has yielded rich dividends, making him a vital asset for the English team in all game formats.

England’s upcoming tour to India promises to test their adaptability, as they will encounter turning tracks favouring spin bowlers. Crawley acknowledges the challenges posed by India’s spinners but remains optimistic about England’s ability to handle them. The England batsmen must develop sound techniques and a positive mindset to counter the spinning conditions successfully.

“I don’t really know much about their grounds. Sometimes in India, it seams and swings a bit and they’ve got unbelievable pacers so hopefully there are a couple of pitches there that are like that as well, that will suit us a bit more. But if it’s spinning, I feel like we play spin really well as well. We’ll just have to adapt, see what we get. But they are pretty unknown grounds I don’t know if they’re going to be raggers like Ahmedabad and Chennai, where we were last time,” said Crawley.

Crawley admits he is not well-acquainted with the Indian grounds, acknowledging their unfamiliarity. He mentions that Indian pitches can vary, sometimes offering assistance to seamers and at other times proving to be turning tracks. The touring English team hopes to find pitches conducive to their strengths, providing an opportunity to put pressure on the Indian team.

“I’ve never really paid much attention to that. All I care about is what the coach thinks… as long as he keeps backing me, then that’s the only opinion I care about. I’ve narrowed my stance slightly, got my head slightly forward. I haven’t quite committed to that in the past; I’m fully committed to that at the moment,” Crawley asserted further.

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Despite criticism for his inconsistent form, Crawley remains unfazed and prioritizes the coach’s opinion over external assessments. He values the confidence the coaching staff shows, and this backing has been crucial in enabling him to fully commit to his current approach. Crawley’s altered stance and more forward head position showcase his dedication to improving his game.

As England prepares to travel to India between January 25 and March 11 for a five-match Test series, they can anticipate a tough and closely contested battle. The matches will be held at Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Rajkot, Ranchi, and Dharamsala, offering various playing conditions for both teams.

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