“Ravi Shastri asked, What have you done with Kuldeep?” Ex-BCCI Selector Made Serious Allegations

In a surprising turn of events, Kuldeep Yadav has emerged as India’s highest wicket-taker in 2023 with an impressive tally of 22 wickets. This remarkable feat comes after a challenging period for the left-arm wrist-spinner, who had seemingly lost his way and struggled to find a place in the Indian team. Once a key member of the ‘Kul-Cha’ combo alongside Yuzvendra Chahal, Kuldeep’s fortunes took a downturn as opposition batsmen targeted him relentlessly in white-ball cricket.

However, with the support of former India selector Sunil Joshi and a rejuvenated approach, Kuldeep has made a stunning comeback, capturing the cricketing world’s attention with his recent performances.

Kuldeep Yadav’s journey from a promising young spinner to a struggling cricketer was characterized by ups and downs. Despite his early successes, including a memorable five-wicket haul against Australia in Sydney, Kuldeep faced difficulties securing a consistent place in the Test squad. As other spinners like Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, and Axar Patel shone in India’s spinning department, Kuldeep’s opportunities dwindled, leaving him out of the team for an extended period.

During Kuldeep’s challenging times, former India selector Sunil Joshi supported the spinner. Recognizing the need for technical improvements, Joshi worked with Kuldeep to shorten his delivery stride, improve his front arm position, enhance his arm speed, and generate more revolutions on the ball. This hands-on approach from Joshi proved to be a turning point in Kuldeep’s career, helping him regain his lost confidence and form.

“I was part of the selection committee when Kuldeep Yadav got dropped. Who came to the rescue? None of the coaching staff, I was the one who got his delivery stride shorter, front arm better, arm speed better, got him to rip more revolutions on the ball,” Joshi told The Indian Express.

Despite facing a tough time during IPL 2021, where he was left out of the Kolkata Knight Riders’ playing XI, Kuldeep persevered. With the support of the Delhi Capitals coaching staff, led by Ricky Ponting and Shane Watson, Kuldeep found the nurturing environment he needed to rebuild his game. His hard work and the adjustments made with the guidance of Sunil Joshi began to bear fruit.

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“Suddenly, everybody is talking about Kuldeep Yadav. Ravi Shastri asked Sunil, what have you done with Kuldeep? I said, ‘Ravi bhai I have not done anything special. These are the simple things that a bowling coach should be doing’. If you look at Kuldeep 2.0, his front arm is nice toward the target, his bowling arm is towards the target, he is running towards the target. Shorter stride, there is a free follow through, he has got quicker through the air. You look at the way he is bowling now,” added Joshi while speaking to The Indian Express.

Kuldeep Yadav’s rejuvenated form, dubbed “Kuldeep 2.0,” showcased significant improvements in his bowling. He displayed better control, a more focused front arm, an increased pace through the air, and a more relaxed follow-through. These enhancements were evident in his disciplined performances against Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia, and the West Indies.

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