Watch VIDEO: KS Bharat Denies An Easy Single, Virat Kohli Gives Death Stare To Wicketkeeper

Virat Kohli is currently considered one of the fastest runners between the wickets and that all comes because of his sheer fitness. His strategy often involves turning single runs into two runs and taking advantage to score quickly. However, there are instances where the other batsman on the field may not have the same approach which results in confusion and miscommunication.

During the fourth day of the fourth Test match between India and Australia in Ahmedabad, there was confusion between Virat Kohli and KS Bharat. Kohli played a delicate shot toward the square leg and attempted to take a fast single, but KS Bharat was not willing to take the risk and declined the run. After this, Kohli returned to his position.

Even though Kohli did not run and this incident had not caused any harm to both the batters but Kohli seemed less happy with the approach of KS Bharat. Kohli reacted by giving KS Bharat an intense glare, showing his disappointment in missing the opportunity to score a run for the team.

Watch VIDEO:

In this Match, Kohli is playing above 150 and India has a lead of around 100 runs. This is the fourth day of the fourth match of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy and it seems the match will eventually get a draw.

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