“There is no logic in comparing Sehwag with Travis Head…”: Ajay Jadeja’s Befitting Reply On Comparison Of Travis Head With Sehwag

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 final witnessed an outstanding performance from Australian opener Travis Head, who played a pivotal role in securing Australia’s sixth ODI World Cup title. Travis Head’s heroics unfolded as he scored an impressive 137 off 120 balls, steering Australia to victory by chasing down a challenging 241-run target set by India in just 43 overs. This remarkable performance solidified Head’s status as a key player for Australia.

The win marked Australia’s sixth ODI World Cup title and sparked jubilant celebrations among the Australian players and fans. The significance of Head’s contribution was highlighted as the team rejoiced in the glory of their triumph.

Head’s outstanding performance in the World Cup extended beyond the final. With 329 runs in six matches, he proved a consistent and valuable asset for the Australian team. His noteworthy contributions with the ball added another dimension to his versatile skills.

Following Head’s stellar performance, a fan compared him with former Indian opener Virender Sehwag. However, this drew a sharp response from ex-Indian cricketer Ajay Jadeja, who dismissed the notion, highlighting the differences in their playing styles.

“Do you think Travis Head is a replica of Sehwag? Hand-eye coordination has a strike-rate over 100 in tests, hits fours and sixes”, a fan asked Ajay Jadeja in a video on Sports Tak.

Jadeja expressed disbelief at the question’s logic when asked about the comparison. Emphasizing the distinct styles of the two players, he pointed out that Sehwag’s aggressive right-handed approach was incomparable to Head’s left-handed finesse, particularly evident in the ICC Cricket World Cup final.

“What is his age? If this guy has seen Virender Sehwag, this is a ‘Yehuda sawaal’ (non-sensical question). There is no logic in comparing Virender Sehwag with Travis Head. One is a right-hander, and the other is a left-hander. Virender Sehwag is Virender Sehwag. He used to play/go for shots from the first ball. And did this guy see how Travis Head was batting in the first few overs in the final?” replied Ajay Jadeja.

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Ricky Ponting, former Australian skipper, lauded Travis Head, describing him as one of the best all-format players globally. Ponting commended Head’s unorthodox approach in one-day cricket and his ability to score big runs, especially in Test cricket.

Australia’s captain, Pat Cummins, praised Head’s fearless playing style, acknowledging the risks taken to win the tournament. Cummins expressed satisfaction with Head’s contribution, highlighting his positive impact on the team dynamics. 

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