“The Next Time We Play, We Will Go After Him…”: KL Rahul Gave Big Warning To Young Dunith Wellalage With New Game Plan

In a thrilling encounter during the Asia Cup 2023, young Sri Lankan spinner Dunith Wellalage left an indelible mark with his remarkable five-wicket haul against India. KL Rahul, the talented Indian wicketkeeper-batter, was full of praise for the left-arm spinner and emphasized the need for a more aggressive approach when facing Wellalage in future matches. 

Dunith Wellalage’s heroics unfolded during the Super Four clash at the R. Premadasa Stadium on September 12. This young left-arm spinner nearly single-handedly guided his team, showcasing his prowess both with the ball and the bat. He secured an impressive five-wicket haul, conceding just 40 runs in his spell. Wellalage also made a significant contribution with the bat, adding an unbeaten 42 runs to his impressive performance.

KL Rahul acknowledged that Dunith Wellalage was the standout performer in the Sri Lankan attack, especially while he was at the crease. The spinner’s accurate and effective bowling rattled India’s top-order batters, including Rohit Sharma, Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, and Hardik Pandya. Wellalage’s exceptional skills posed a considerable threat to India’s batting lineup.

“He was spot on He got five wickets He did the job for his team. He looked the most dangerous bowler in Sri Lanka’s attack till I was playing. What more can I say? He got five top-order batsmen out. It was a good day for him, he did well with the bat too. The next time we play, we will go after him,” Rahul told reporters.

Speaking after India’s hard-fought 41-run victory against Sri Lanka, KL Rahul commended Dunith Wellalage for his stellar performance. He emphasized the significance of Wellalage’s contribution to the Sri Lankan team, particularly his ability to dismiss top-order Indian batsmen. Rahul was clearly impressed by Wellalage’s five-wicket haul and acknowledged his impactful day with both the ball and the bat.

Rahul explained, “After playing the first few balls I tried to figure out what are the shots that I can play here. You can into your shell, defend and try and defuse the threat but I thought I would try and play my shots but be careful about what shots to choose against which bowler. That is sort of an on-the-go decision you make.”

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KL Rahul hinted at India’s future game plan when facing Dunith Wellalage. He suggested that the Indian team would adopt a more aggressive approach in their next encounter with the Sri Lankan spinner. Recognizing Wellalage as the most dangerous bowler in the Sri Lankan attack, Rahul indicated that India would look to take on the challenge posed by the emerging talent.

“I’m glad the shot selections I made till the point I got worked well. Maybe next time it might be a bit different. Yesterday was different. We were able to play more shots, but today was different. As a batter, you try and assess the situation and conditions and decide what shots you can play,” he concluded.

Rahul stressed the importance of adapting to the situation and conditions during a match. He explained how assessing these factors plays a pivotal role in making the right shot choices. Rahul’s ability to adjust his shot selection based on the bowler and the match conditions has been a key element of his success as a batter.

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