Take A Look At The Amazing IPL Records Of Mahendra Singh Dhoni

There is a saying in the cricketing world that there is no bigger player than the team, but when it comes to Dhoni, this thing seems to be false. This season, irrespective of the stadiums across the country, most people want to see only Dhoni playing. This season Mahi’s craze is something unique.

Whether making Chennai four champions or nurturing a young player to be a match-winning player, Mahi has done it all well in the last 16 years. While playing in the IPL, Dhoni has also made some great records, which is hardly possible for any player to break. Take a look at Mahi’s amazing records.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni holds the record for captaining the IPL the most IPL matches. In the IPL, Dhoni has captained 221 matches so far. And as a captain in the IPL, Mahi has won the team in 129 matches. His win percentage as captain is 58.37.

Under Dhoni’s captaincy, Chennai Super Kings have captured the trophy four times (2010, 2011, 2018, 2021). Dhoni is followed by Rohit Sharma, who has won 83 matches in 152 matches. In the IPL, Dhoni has captained two teams (Chennai Super Kings and Pune Super Giants).

Regarding wicketkeeping and not mentioning MS Dhoni, it is impossible in modern cricket. Standing behind the wicket, Mahi has turned the wave of many matches. Mahendra Singh also holds the record for being the most successful wicketkeeper in the IPL.

As a wicketkeeper, Mahi has dismissed the batsman 117 times in 235 innings of IPL. Mahi has caught 137 catches and stumped 40 times. After this, Dinesh Karthik came second and dismissed 166 batters as a wicketkeeper.

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In cricket, DRS stands for ‘Decision Review System’, but when Dhoni is on the field, it becomes ‘Dhoni Review System’. Often, most captains take the advice of bowlers and wicketkeepers regarding taking DRS, but when Dhoni is on the field, all the players just wait for Mahi’s decision. Because when Mahi takes a review, most of the time, he proves to be right. The success rate of DRS taken by Mahendra Singh Dhoni in IPL 2023 has been 85.71 percent.

In international cricket, every batter usually has their batting position, which no batter wants to leave, but Mahi’s passion is different here too. In the IPL, Dhoni has batted on different batting orders from Number-3 to Number-7. Interestingly, Dhoni has scored a half-century by coming to all these batting orders. Dhoni is the only batsman in the IPL to do this feat.

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