RCB’s Bold Move: Tweak to Green Kit Tradition

Royal challengers Bengaluru have made a tweak to their green jersey tradition, as they are all set to don their green jersey against KKR. Royal Challengers Bangalore play in Green Jersey every year since 2011 in one of the afternoon matches at their home. 

Royal Challengers Bangaluru have started this tradition to create awareness to plant more and more trees. Royal Challengers Bangaluru over the years have also given a green plant as a memento to the opposition Skipper. 

Royal Challengers Bangaluru had released their new green kit ahead of their clash against CSK in Bangaluru. 

RCB have now revealed that they will be donning the green jersey in their clash against KKR. The team said that this change in color would also bring a change in their fortunes.

Why has RCB chosen this match to play in green Jersey?

By looking at RCB’s tradition of wearing the green jersey, they usually wear that in their one afternoon home game.
However, this year, RCB has only three matches left at their home venue, and all of them are scheduled to be played in the evening.

This might be one of the major reasons behind RCB donning the green jersey against KKR.

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