New Zealand Will Host South Africa, Australia, Pakistan And Bangladesh In 2023-24 Home Season

New Zealand cricket fans are in for a treat as the upcoming summer promises an action-packed schedule with high-profile tours from Australia and South Africa. New Zealand Cricket (NZC) recently released the fixtures for the 2023-24 home season, revealing an exciting line-up of matches for both the men’s and women’s teams.

The New Zealand men’s team will kick off their home season with a series against Bangladesh, featuring three ODIs and three T20Is in the last two weeks of December. Following a brief 11-day break, they will face Pakistan in five T20Is from January 12 to 21. The highlight of the summer will be the arrival of South Africa, who will engage in a two-Test series against New Zealand from February 4 to 17. This will be a crucial opportunity for the Kiwis to secure their maiden Test series victory against the Proteas.

New Zealand will host their trans-Tasman rivals Australia in a highly anticipated series. The Australian team will visit for three T20Is and two Tests, scheduled to take place between February 21 and March 12. This series holds significant importance as it marks the first time in eight years that Australia will play a Test series in New Zealand, adding an extra layer of excitement for cricket enthusiasts on both sides of the Tasman Sea.

The New Zealand women’s team will also be in action in parallel to the men’s fixtures. They will host Pakistan for three T20Is and three ODIs from December 3 to 18. Following that, they will face England in a thrilling series of five T20Is and three ODIs, scheduled between March 19 and April 7. The England women’s A team will also tour New Zealand during this time, further enhancing the cricketing excitement.

One notable aspect of the upcoming season is that it will be the first international summer in 24 years to be broadcast live and free-to-air on TVNZ, allowing a broader audience to enjoy the cricketing action.
NZC has tried to accommodate various audience preferences and optimize the playing schedule in light of climate change concerns. The fixtures include ten double-headers featuring two back-to-back games at the same venue. This approach aims to address the needs of different audiences while also improving the efficiency of the playing program.

NZC Chief Executive David White highlighted the significance of the venue selections, particularly those with floodlights, to facilitate day-night matches for families and adult patrons. This strategic move ensures an enjoyable experience for fans and aligns with the organization’s commitment to energy efficiency and addressing climate change challenges.

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NZC said its schedule includes ten double-headers (two games back-to-back at the same venue) as it attempts “to address both the needs of different audiences and enhance the efficiency of its playing programme in an era of climate change awareness.”

NZC chief executive David White said: “In terms of venues with lights, we’ve been able to schedule several back-to-back night matches and day matches to ensure good opportunities for both families and adult patrons, respectively, which we think is good for the game. It’s a strategy that also complements our need to prioritise energy efficiency – and to just do the right thing as a sports organisation, given the challenges we’re facing from climate change these days.”

New Zealand men’s fixtures

vs Bangladesh

1st ODI: December 17, Dunedin

2nd ODI: December 20, Nelson

3rd ODI: December 23, Napier

1st T20I: December 27, Napier

2nd T20I: December 29, Tauranga

3rd T20I: December 31, Tauranga

vs Pakistan

1st T20I: January 12, Auckland

2nd T20I, January 14, Hamilton

3rd T20I, January 17, Dunedin

4th T20I, January 19, Christchurch

5th T20I, January 21, Christchurch

vs South Africa

1st Test: February 4 to 8, Tauranga

2nd Test: February 13-17, Hamilton

vs Australia

1st T20I: February 21, Wellington

2nd T20I: February 23, Auckland

3rd T20I: February 25, Auckland

1st Test: February 29-March 4, Wellington

2nd Test: March 8-12, Christchurch

New Zealand women’s fixtures

vs Pakistan

1st T20I: December 3, Dunedin

2nd T20I: December 5, Dunedin

3rd T20I: December 9, Queenstown

1st ODI: December 12, Queenstown

2nd ODI: December 15, Christchurch

3rd ODI: December 18, Christchurch

vs England

1st T20I: March 19, Dunedin

2nd T20I: March 22, Nelson

3rd T20I: March 24, Nelson

4th T20I: March 27, Wellington

5th T20I: March 29, Wellington

1st ODI: April 1, Wellington

2nd ODI: April 4, Hamilton

3rd ODI: April 7, Hamilton

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