‘When I Was Dropped From The Team, I Didn’t Get The Reason’, Prithvi Shaw Exclusive On His Future With Team India

Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw has expressed that he now finds pleasure in solitude and he does not need anyone’s company. This statement has come after Shaw has made a contract with the county team, Northamptonshire.

While having interviews with Cricbuzz and Wisden, Prithvi Shaw said that he felt disheartened after being omitted from the Indian cricket team but chose to look ahead and keep moving forward. Despite making his Test debut in 2018, he hasn’t had the opportunity to play any international matches in the past two years.

Shaw said,”When I was dropped [from the Indian team], I didn’t get to know the reason. Someone was saying it could be fitness. But of course I came here [to Bengaluru] and cleared all the tests at the NCA, again scored runs and again came back to the T20 team. But again didn’t get a chance in the West Indies. I’m disappointed but you just have to move forward.”

The young batter added that he prefers to remain in his personal space and he feels hesitant to share his thoughts openly due to the fear of judgement by the people existing on social media.

“As a person, I just like to be in my own zone. People say a lot of things about me. But those who know me, know how I am. I don’t have friends, I don’t like to make friends. I’m scared to share my thoughts. Somehow all of it comes up on social media. I’ve very less friends, only a couple of friends, and even with them I don’t share everything, only a few things,” Shaw added.

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