India Will Play In Pakistan Only When…’, Anurag Thakur Ultimatum To The Host Of 2025 Champions Trophy

Union Minister Anurag Thakur provided a strong reply to a query about whether the Indian Cricket Team would visit Pakistan for the Champions Trophy 2025.

The question gains significance as Pakistan is urging India to participate in the prestigious trophy. However, Thakur, a former BCCI president, stated that India would only consider visiting Pakistan once the neighboring country ceases its terrorist activities.

When Anurag was asked about this question, he said,”The BCCI has to decide that. But when I was the BCCI president I had said that two things can’t run at a single time. You can’t expect to play India in your country while carrying out terrorist activities in India. You’ll have to stop shooting at India first, stop hurling bombs at us, stop terrorism. Whenever Pakistan stop terrorist activities, India will go to Pakistan and play cricket. This is my personal opinion.“

Since 2008, India has refrained from visiting Pakistan. Last year, the Asia Cup was scheduled to take place in Pakistan. However, due to India’s refusal to travel to Pakistan, the tournament was organized in a hybrid format. Additionally, Pakistan players have been barred from participating in the IPL since 2008 following the events of 26/11.

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