“India vs. Pakistan Match Surpasses The Ashes”: Tom Moody on India-Pakistan Rivalry In Asia Cup 2023

Tom Moody, a respected figure in Australian cricket, has stirred the cricketing world by asserting that the intense rivalry between India and Pakistan surpasses even the storied Ashes clash between Australia and England. Considering his deep-rooted experience in the fiery Ashes battles, Moody’s perspective is remarkable.

According to Moody, the Indian-Pakistani rivalry now stands on par with the Ashes due to the exceptional quality and experience within the Pakistani cricket team. He notes that the squad’s talent matches its wealth of knowledge, making it a formidable contender in cricket.

Moody’s assessment was shared during an interview with India Today, where he highlighted the strength of the Pakistani team and its potential impact on the game.

Moody said, “This match surpasses the Ashes. It’s always had a lovely story, and both are outstanding cricketing nations. And when you look at that Pakistan squad, it does boast a lot of talent. But one thing that stands out is that it also boasts experience. So now they have the combination of experience and talent; they are a real threat. But one thing that stands out is that it also boasts experience. So now they have the combination of experience and talent, they are a real threat.”

However, Moody also offered a nuanced perspective, suggesting that Pakistan’s potential challenge could lie in their batting lineup. While he acknowledges Pakistan’s ability to match India in the pace bowling department, he observes that India’s batting depth sets them apart. He points out that Pakistan might rely heavily on Babar Azam to provide the foundation for significant scores, which could pressure him.

Moody stated: “They can match India with their pace bowling; they’ve got genuine pace on their side, and the only issue I see them potentially having is the depth in the quality of their batting, which India has got. So that’s going to be the interesting pressure that they put on the likes of Babar Azam at the top of the order.”

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Moody’s insight sheds light on the intricacies of the upcoming clash between the two cricketing giants. The most recent encounter between India and Pakistan in the 2022 T20 World Cup was a last-ball thriller, further fueling the anticipation for their next meeting. The two teams are slated to face off in Kandy during the Asia Cup on Saturday, September 2.

Tom Moody’s perspective underlines the enduring significance of the India-Pakistan rivalry in cricket. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the upcoming match, the intensity and history of this rivalry continue to captivate fans worldwide.

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