“I ran and tried to….” Mohit Sharma Explained Last Over’s Master Plan Against Jadeja In The IPL 2023 Final Match

The IPL 2023 final provided contrasting emotions as Ravindra Jadeja’s heroics led to jubilant celebrations for one team while leaving the other in sheer heartbreak. Mohit Sharma, the bowler at the receiving end of Jadeja’s brilliance, opened up about those decisive moments in an interview with the Indian Express. Despite his disappointment, Mohit acknowledged that his plan was clear and backed himself to execute it.

Having been in such high-pressure situations numerous times before, Mohit had a clear strategy in mind. He had just taken two consecutive wickets in his previous over and felt confident in his ability to deliver. He had practiced such scenarios in the nets and was determined to bowl yorkers and rely on his instincts. In the first four deliveries of the over, Mohit executed his plan perfectly, bowling accurate yorkers and conceding only three runs.

However, Captain Hardik Pandya approached Mohit for a quick chat, perhaps seeking to understand his action plan. Mohit assured him that he intended to stick to bowling Yorkers. Despite the interruption, Mohit remained focused and believed in his approach.

Unfortunately, Mohit faltered on the penultimate delivery of the over when he failed to execute a yorker and ended up delivering an undercooked delivery. Jadeja took full advantage and smashed it for a six-over long-on. Mohit admitted that the ball didn’t land where he intended and acknowledged Jadeja’s skill in capitalizing on the opportunity.

Undeterred by the previous delivery, Mohit maintained his self-belief and aimed to bowl a perfect yorker at Jadeja’s toes on the final ball. However, the delivery was a low full toss, and Jadeja managed to flick it down to the fine leg boundary for the winning runs.

Reflecting on the loss, Mohit expressed his disappointment and the difficulty he faced in accepting the defeat. He admitted to being unable to sleep, constantly replaying the moments in his mind and contemplating what he could have done differently. Mohit acknowledged that something was missing, but he is working on moving forward from the defeat.

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“I ran and tried to bowl (yorker) again. I just wanted to be focused and back myself. Whole IPL, I have done that. The ball landed where it shouldn’t have, and Jadeja got his bat. I tried; I tried my best. I couldn’t sleep. Sochta raha kya alag karta joh match jeet jaate. What if I could have bowled this ball or that ball? It’s not a nice feeling now. Somewhere something is missing, but I’m trying to move on,” said Mohit Sharma.

Despite the outcome, Mohit Sharma remains determined to learn from the experience and continue to back himself in high-pressure situations. The IPL has provided him with numerous opportunities to showcase his skills, and he is focused on regrouping and continuing to grow as a cricketer.

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