“Doesn’t feel like its a…” Rachin Ravindra’s Shocking revelation of Chennai super kings

Rachin Ravindra had a phenomenal start to his IPL career. Ravindra played a huge role in the team’s success in the first two matches. Ravindra gave an aggressive start to the team, helping CSK stamp authority over the match from the start itself.

However, Ravindra revels that it’s not a strict hierarchy and coaches are available for chat.

Ravindra said, “It was pretty special. I think when we were watching the auction, as soon as it got signed by CSK, I had Dave (Devon Conway) call me, Santner messaged me, and then obviously, Flem (Fleming). So that’s pretty cool. A lot of the lads—not just the overseas guys, but the Indian guys—are such good people. So it’s very easy to get along with people in a team like this.” 

Ravindra also revealed that coach Stephen Flaming and Ms. Dhoni are always available for chat and to help players.

Ravindra further added, “It’s more from players being able to be comfortable, players knowing their roles, and quite a relaxed environment, which makes everyone feel a bit more chill and can get along a bit better, and doesn’t feel like it’s a hierarchy because you can always have a nice conversation with Flem if you want to, you can have a conversation with Hussey, you can have a conversation with MS Dhoni, and you can have a conversation with Rutu. It’s all pretty chill, which for me, helps me a lot because it means I can come in and just not try to be anyone else. I can just be myself in that environment and let it happen.”

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