Ben Stokes Joins Virat Kohli In DRS Rule Change Efforts, England Great Share his view

Team India and England are ready to see off each other in Ranchi as the fourth match of the series unfolds between the two teams.

However, one of the most talked-about things after the third test match between both teams got over was the dismissal of England’s opener, Zach Crawley. Reaction to the same: England’s skipper Ben Stokes has once again raised his voice against the umpire’s call in DRS.

Ben Stokes has been very unfortunate with DRS; he even gave the example of Crawley’s wicket and how the visitors lost the wicket of Zack Crawley because of the umpire’s call, even after seeing that the ball was clearly missing the stumps.

Apart from Stokes, India’s former skipper Virat Kohli also spoke about the removal of the umpire’s call in DRS. However, one of the prominent faces of cricket, Naseer Hussain, also shared his views regarding the same.
Naseer Hussain said that it’s quite important to have the umpire’s call in DRS as it covers the errors in technology.

Naseer Hussain said, “Technology can be fallible, but I’ve always been very strong on the fact that I like the DRS and I also like the umpire’s call. Look at the shemozzle with VAR in football. It’s just not like that in cricket. Stokes and others like Virat Kohli may want to get rid of it, but the umpire’s call is not there to protect the officials; it’s there because of the margin of error in the technology.”.

Team India is all set to take on England in Ranchi on February 23.

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