BCCI Clarified Allegation Of ‘Pitch Switch’ For India vs New Zealand Semifinal Without Permission

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 has been nothing short of thrilling, but as the first semifinal between India and New Zealand approaches, a cloud of controversy looms over the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is at the center of allegations concerning rule defiance and unauthorized changes to the pitch, raising eyebrows globally.

The Wankhede Stadium, a renowned cricket venue, is the chosen battleground for the first semifinal. However, British news outlet The Daily Mail has thrown a curveball, reporting that the BCCI altered the pitch without the ICC’s green light. This move could potentially impact the outcome of the highly-anticipated clash.

In the world of international cricket, the preparation of pitches for ICC events is a meticulous process. The governing body’s consultant collaborates with the host board to determine which pitch will be used for each game. However, the BCCI faces accusations of bypassing this protocol, particularly during the ongoing World Cup.

The specific allegation revolves around the decision to shift from the agreed-upon surface, No. 7, to pitch No. 6, which has already seen action twice in the competition. The BCCI, facing the heat, has vehemently denied any wrongdoing. According to a BCCI spokesperson, the pitch selection process involves continuous collaboration with the ICC’s independent pitch consultant.

The news outlet quoted a BCCI spokesperson as saying: “The ICC independent pitch consultant works with the host and venues on their proposed pitch allocations, and this process is ongoing throughout an event of this length and nature.”

Before the pitch controversy, the Indian team management faced accusations of instructing curators to modify the grass on the Wankhede pitch. It is reported that after the game against the Netherlands in Bengaluru, the team expressed their preference for a slow pitch, leading to the removal of most of the grass.

As media scrutiny intensifies, the BCCI finds itself in the spotlight, defending its decisions amidst a barrage of accusations. Public opinion is divided, with some questioning the integrity of the game and others viewing it as strategic gameplay. The board’s response and counterarguments will play a crucial role in shaping perceptions leading up to the semifinal.

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“The BCCI local curators have formed a local organizing group to look after pitches across the country during the World Cup. The International Cricket Council (ICC) also sent its experts to various venues for each game,” the Indian Express reported.

In the midst of this controversy, it is essential to acknowledge the complexities involved in pitch preparation for international events. While the BCCI maintains its innocence, the allegations raise pertinent questions about adherence to established rules. As fans await the semifinal clash, the off-field drama adds an unexpected layer of intrigue to an already riveting World Cup.

“It won’t be a turner, but the team had asked for a slow pitch. It was the main reason we shaved off the grass,” a source said.

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  1. How can a Shah Gujju led Organisation not commit some crookery? Just not possible. And how can BCCI officials not support him? They’ll vanish overnight, if they don’t.

  2. If pitch change helping India, then it should help the other team as well won’t it? Pitch was changed, umpire supporting, cheating in toss, what a petty issue to talk about. People are like jealous lover. Why can’t people see, how India’s batting order and bowling line is no match to any other team.

  3. It’s an age old tactic. If you can’t beat them, accuse them of something that can’t be verified. You can fall for it, I wouldn’t.

  4. White British people are still under the old colonial mind set with belief that white supremacy. They cannot bear the fact that dark skin people of other countries are dominating the game they discovered . They only managed to snif at World Cup after 44/45 years after it was introduced.From politics to the sport white people are still leaving in white supramcy beliefs. As MEA Mr Jayshankar rightly puts it western worlds problems are worlds problems but not the other way. Just look at the Canadian joker Traude.

  5. Dream 11 and Cheat Fantasy games must be banned immediately. Which f I b is owner? I doubt one of this who involved in such cases legally to support illegal.

  6. British defamation game being played. The probability of pitch change, favourable weather conditions and winning the toss at the same time must be pretty low unless Rohit Sharma even asked to use a two sided Head coin. Jealous blame game.

  7. Alok ji , surprised to that you are venting against a community! Jai shah can be a problem why the whole community? Specially, when the community is peace loving and tax paying! Adhering to the fact that you are senior citizen , kindly use your words towards betterment! If not then you can always keep calm and chill !

  8. People like alok, who has commented above cannot think of anything apart from politics. It’s ashame to share this beloved country with such antinationals who support outside media more than their own knowledge of the sport. Maybe they don’t a thing about cricket. Nothing more dangerous than an insider. Shame on you alok. You’re a disgust

  9. Now a days cricket all matches are fixed so i just miss the 90 s cricket cause there was less fixed matches it was a golden time of cricket

  10. In reply to Alok Ji’s comment : while I am not happy with the way the junior sha steam rolls all voices , I definitely do not think the pitch change is or has had any effect to the game as such .over 700 runs were scored and shami took 7 wickets on a claimed slow wicket and the other pacers could not make a mark .all in all I would still put it down to a sporting wicket. If New zealand lost it is because of the asking rate which lead them to take risks to up the run rate . Further the game was anybody’s till Mitchel got out .

  11. Why talk of a Gujju as a fraud? The pitch was everyone and why they did not perform? It is a lovers mindset to accuse others for their failures. Whole world is Gaga over Indias versatility, Backward British Channel chose to exhibit its narrow minded nature knce again.

  12. What ever it may be, pitch didn’t change its value throughout the match. It was a brilliance from Shami, India won the match. The chances of winning was even for Newzealand too, and when Kane, Daryl was there, a potential threat was there.
    Ultimately, it was a wonderful match and there is no need for any controversy at this time. If anything is there, ICC will take care not British Media.

  13. It’s just a blame game. Nothing else.
    Just acknowledge Team India’s unmatched bowling and batting. It’s not hidden.
    Every lost person or team try to search some pretends. It’s nothing else.

  14. They are Congress followers. They must comeup with some Gimmick, if not Ballot Box (Election favourite), the Toss, Pitch is their favourite for Cricket. Shameless People must talk of Gujarat, Modiji, BJP ,Hindus even Country toshow their Intellectualism or lack of it.


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