2023 ODI WC: It Will Be A Tight Slap For India If Pakistan Wins The Cup On Their Soil, Afridi Sends Strong Message For BCCI

The 2023 ODI World Cup will be played in India this year. Meanwhile, former Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi has made a bold statement against the BCCI and team India. He says that if Pakistan manages to win the 50-over world cup, it will be a tight slap for the BCCI.

This remark reflects the ongoing tension between the BCCI and the PCB regarding the hosting rights of the Asia Cup 2023. The BCCI Secretary, Jay Shah has refused to send the Indian team to Pakistan and demanded a separate venue for them.

In response, the PCB said that they would decline to visit India for the World Cup if India does not tour Pakistan for the Asia Cup. However, Shahid Afridi, the former cricketer, advised the management to act wisely and permit the team to tour India. He emphasised that if the Pakistan Cricket team goes to India and wins the tournament on their soil, it will be an absolute message for the team India.

“I don’t understand why they [PCB] are so adamant and keep saying that we won’t go to India. They need to simplify the situation and understand that an international cricket tournament is happening – take it rather positively; go and play. Tell your boys to get the trophy; the whole nation stands behind you. It’ll not only be a big win for us but a tight slap on the face of the BCCI,” Afridi was quoted as saying by Cricket Pakistan.

While talking ahead, Shahid Afridi notified that the PCB does not have too many options and they should keep a positive approach before going to India for the 50 World Cup.

“Go to India, play decent cricket and claim the win. This is it; we have only this option resorted to ourselves. We are supposed to go there, land back with the World Cup and give them a steer clear message that we can go anywhere and bag the victory,” he added.

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