‘Why it is only June, why it can’t be…..?’ Rohit blamed ICC for WTC final scheduling and venue

India captain Rohit Sharma has expressed his opinion that future World Test Championship (WTC) finals should not be limited to England in June. After suffering a second successive loss in the WTC final, this time to Australia at The Oval, Rohit suggested that the final could be played at any time of the year and in any location around the world.

Rohit pointed out that scheduling the WTC final immediately after the Indian Premier League (IPL) final might not be ideal. He emphasized the need for more preparation time, particularly for bowlers transitioning from the T20 format to Test cricket. In 2021, India had arrived earlier and fresher for the WTC final because the IPL had been interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, finding an alternative schedule and location for the WTC final would require careful consideration due to the crowded cricket calendar.

Rohit also connected the choice of the WTC final’s location with the kind of team India would build for the next cycle. He mentioned that the decision on players and playing style would depend on where the final would be held. The venues for the next four WTC finals, scheduled for 2025, 2027, 2029, and 2031, have not been finalized yet, except for the 2025 final, which is scheduled to be played at Lord’s. England has been considered a natural choice due to its strong cricket infrastructure and the favorable timing of the northern hemisphere summer.

Rohit joined the chorus of voices calling for the WTC final to be a best-of-three series. He expressed his preference for a three-match final, but acknowledged the challenge of finding a suitable window in the cricket calendar. He emphasized the importance of providing fair opportunities for both teams in such a prestigious event.

In contrast, Australia’s captain, Pat Cummins, expressed contentment with the current format of the WTC final, comparing it to other major sporting events that have a single decisive match.

Overall, Rohit Sharma’s suggestions for the WTC final include exploring different timings and locations, potentially moving away from June and England, as well as considering a three-match series instead of a single match. However, implementing these changes would require careful planning and consideration due to the complexities of the cricket calendar and international commitments.

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